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In the first few missions, there is no targeting. Follow the blips on your radar, and keep a sharp eye out for fighters.  Also, not all ships in this period have afterburners. Those that do do not recharge, as they're based on limited fuel.

Just keep playing; the playstyle takes a few minutes to get used to.

All discussion on the Training 2 bug has been moved here.

--- Quote from: Betrayal on October 17, 2010, 11:32:52 am ---I have a model question. What's with the HTL Sagittarius from this screen:
Are you going to release it? That would be helpful for my project.
--- End quote ---
As far as I know it is released.  But Admiral Nelson took that screen; maybe he can give you more info.

Congratulations to my project colleagues on the release; i'm sure people will love it. :)

Okay, I'm editing an earlier post into a full review.

I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first. It's a small thing, but significantly contributed to my frustration: escort lists and directives. Given the number of experienced FREDders on this team, I must say I'm quite shocked as to the fact that there was almost no use of either of those things in Act III (I played Acts 1 and 2 a while back and I didn't replay them, so I don't know if the problem applies there as well). I didn't know what ships I was supposed to focus on in terms of either defence or offence, so I kept having to guess, which was annoying. I couldn't quickly target the ships I was supposed to be protecting, such as the Grant in the second to last mission. Lack of directives wasn't nearly as annoying, but it still made the missions a lot less focused as, once again, I didn't know which hostiles I was supposed to be killing.

Oh, and in the second to last mission of Act III:Spoiler: I killed all the fighters and bombers, and the fleet just sat there, doing nothing. The Diana eventually (ie after about 25 minutes with time compression) got destroyed and my primary objective was for some reason marked as complete and the victory music played. I waited for five minutes for something to happen, but nothing did. So I restarted the mission and killed myself five times so I could skip to the next mission.

Now the good stuff. I really liked the development of the wingmen as characters, and the story itself was great. The gameplay changes in terms of targeting and all that stuff gave it a feel of progression. Not much else to say, except that I'm looking forward to the next release! Well done!

Mission 14 (I think) "Second Chance" :

It IS possible to safe all three SC Faustus'. The debriefing although seems to assume that one cruiser is always desroyed.
In the same debriefing a LRSC Whatshisname is mentioned. This is probably a placeholder for Hipparchus. It is a minor nitpick but easily changed. I would make for a more polished feel.

Otherwise TVWP is a great campaign. Good missions, few but nicely developed characters (I consider TVWP not a character driven campaign, so character delevopment is a non mandatory but greatly appretiated aspect), A story and setting thats "feels" like its part of the freespace canon* :)

* Altough Im cruious how the GTA will be formed from those waring and cultural rather different factions. Neither the LR, nor the PRM or JC (or god forbid the KC) have a structure resembling anything like the GTA. I suspect the UNE will be the leading power in the later Aliance. Since Chapter 1 of the TVWP IS called "Unification War" this is probably answered in the campaign, so I will now just resume playing :-)


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