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Is there a backstory thread on Hard Light? I only remember seeing it in Game Warden.

Yeah but to be honest it was about some random Vasudan rebel group and was a little boring. We'll try to bring out a more interesting tidbit soon.

General Battuta:
Excuse me but I think I did a fine job with that. :colbert:

I thought the political situation in Vasuda was actually quite interesting. In fact, it sorta looks like a Egypt.

Yep, more fanfic sure would be nice. :)

--- Quote from: Snail on February 19, 2011, 10:04:55 am ---Mobius, just a reminder, you are not in a position to give demands on how other people should be presenting their mods.

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Just pointing out that those not interested on new screenshots can stay away from this board, depending on their wishes.


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