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March 4, 2011 // Earth, Sol System


Further progress in converting the DDS files: 95%.

Getting closer to striking a balance with the Covenant shields, and I think they are pretty much balanced. The focus is now on balancing the weapons. Previously, a lot of the weapon damage values were strange numbers; I have no idea what I was thinking when I set them to be honest  :lol:

Took a bit to think about the music again. I'm thinking that the music can evolve as the original Halo games did - using Halo 1 music for Chapter 1, and the rest for Chapter 2 and beyond. Plus there are a number of custom tracks created by fans that I'd like to use, and I'm always open to new content.

The next step (after balance) will be to create an introductory mission or demo for release. Trying to decide what event to use.

Latest thought was what to do about the persona's and the avatars of the different pilots/ships. I've settled on a few ideas but I think that's a discussion for its own thread.

As always I'm open to suggestions, comments and opinions. As development continues I'll keep you all posted.


Request Halo: CE music be used for chapter two and/or be restricted to Covenant engagements.  Halo 1 music when you're fighting other humans would feel weird.

EDIT: Actually, most Halo music I feel would be inappropriate for Human v. Human engagements.  A few of the Reach tracks would, and at least one of the Halo 2 tracks, but most of them are really graceful sounding and ambient, and human equipment is usually described as functional, rather than sleek.

Good points. The plan so far was to stick mostly to the 'marine music' for Chapter 1. It's very militant sounding and lacks a lot of the smooth, unearthly tones.

One I find most appropriate is "Brothers in Arms."

The music from Winter Contingency when the Zealot team ambushes Noble.  That music would be an epic dogfight background, provided the dogfight was AWESOME enough.


--- Quote ---provided the dogfight was AWESOME enough.
--- End quote ---

I'll endeavor to make sure they are  :yes:


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