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What is MechCommander Omnitech ?


The Goal of the Mechcommander OmniTech mod is to create an upgraded and more easily moddable version of the good old Mechcommander 2.  A game based in the universe of a great and fun franchise, a game with lots of tactical components and full of possibilities, which have unfortunately not being discovered by the Microsoft programmers or they simply couldn't do because of technical limitations and/or business pressure. Our Goal is NOT, to release a new campaign, there are actually a lot of good campaigns already available, and some of us are also working on a new one in their offtime (everyone for himself, since it's so damn easy :-) ). So content for the future is certainly no problem, it’s the game that needs upgrading. And yet still, there are a lot of additonal campaigns available from the past which have been ported over to MCO.

Since November 2010, when I and a few other single-worker modders met on the dropshipcommand forums, we decided to team up, in order to combine our knowledge and workpower. Since then we have made really great steps forward in enhancing the game in quality of graphics, models, code an gameplay.

You can find more Infos, News, Downloads and images on our moddb site, which can be found here :

We hope that we can pump some life into the already dying community for this game, because we are very sure that it still finds a lot of interest under todays PC Gamers. It's an awesome game, and deserves a comeback. And for getting known better, this site is very good in my opinion. Please watch this mod and maybe tell your friends about it. And if you feel like, send us an application. But before doing so, please read this thread here, it contains vital information :

Just something you need to know (especially if you know the orignal MC2 Game). The released source code has been stripped from MS of it's video and multiplayer codes, and these have yet to be replaced. So don't wonder, why you cannot see the videos from the original campaigns and why you can't play multi. Sooner or later, we hope to replace this, but currently it's not on top of our (already too long) To-Do List.

We hope you enjoy the game and our work. Constructive critic is always welcome, also any discussion about BT, the original game or this mod is welcome (as long as there are no canon flame wars starting  :p )

Best regards

The MCO Team


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