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That was incredible.

It was like a love-letter and a send-off to both Freespace and it's community.

I loved every second of it.

The ending was great and surprisingly sentimental too

Infinity + 10 out of 10.  no mention of shivans on planes.


Can I also say how much I loved the part when Spoiler:Holly and Alex fly through Alpha 1's memories? (Alpha 1 Forever) I mean going through; FS1, FS2, Derelict, Blue Planet:AoA, one or two other mods I've evidently never played but absolutely should, and all the Beta Testers, was really fun; and the part before that with the classic FS2 mission setup. (Alpha 1 Returns / Surrender! Belisarius!)
I enjoyed that so flipping much!

Yes. Yes, you can say that. I would never dream of stopping you.

Axem be like:

For some reason, I suddenly have the urge to rewatch 300 again. Eh, there's probably no reason for that. :P


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