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Gonna be one last patch (or I hope it'll be last) in a week or so.

I saw a lot of people mention having difficulty in Alpha 1 Forever (or at least they had to restart so many times). I was thinking of doing the following...
Spoiler:For difficulties Medium and below:
Third Beta Tester has a 10-20 second beam free delay
Eleventh Beta Tester won't attack until it's cores are destroyed (just like in the original mission)

I think that might allow the player a bit more time to score some easy wins and not get completely overwhelmed.

Unless you guys like that.

And I managed to fix that mysterious crash that happens after winning the boss fight in "Wrath of a Stood-Up Bride"! Major kudos to SL1 for helping me find the issue!

speaking of needing patches, um Spoiler: in the first campaign when you control both delta 1 and holly to take out (I think the Eleventh Beta Tester?) things are very borked- I have no weapons until I switch but the guns I get after switching have no effect on the color cores.

even stranger is that this does not stop you from playing the mission as the AI fighter can still damage the cores just fine, and does so very quickly.
you can only win the mission by not playing the mission.  (insert wargames joke)

I didn't do an all-though test tho, so you might want to take a look at it yourself first.

I also have a gripe about balance:
Spoiler:In Cake Eater, the Seranerges are equipped with Flames of Justice for some reason and the Iapetus gets knocked to like 5% if you get hit by one of those. In my last playthrough I had to do like 4 retries because of that.

DefCynodont119: Just to confirm, is that the last boss mission of JAD2.21? I'll check it out.

Thisisaverylongusername: Duly noted!


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