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I have the same problem, disabling screen escalation on MCORel.exe didn't work, in fact. no solution has...

Nvidia GeForce GT490
Screen native res: 1600x900

Please help, I really love this game and I want to play the last version...

On other subject I would love to contribute to the developing of this game as a 2D artist.

Wow! Those portraits look amazing !

Very nice!

You are very welcome to help.
I have too much work lately and not much time for MCO.
Hopefully things will change in October...

Please send me PM.

I think this will fit here.

Game crash on extraction objective?

The end mission logic cannot pick up all the units in the radius - expand the target radius in file. 300-400 works for me.

Game crash on completing final primary objective?

Units are too widely separated - group them closer.  Dont have 1 mech in the west map corner and another in the east, etc.


Both were not an issue in vanilla MC2.


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