Author Topic: BSG Diaspora - Virgon campaign!  (Read 2297 times)

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BSG Diaspora - Virgon campaign!
Hello, for awhile now I have been working on a 3rd party campaign for Diaspora. I am now nearing completion of my second mission and as such, I will now look for any Voice actors willing to take roles for a BSG fan campaign. We will start with the first mission:

AS of now I only have one script(for the CAG) completed:

However I have many more positions that will have their documents up soon enough:
Atlas(leader of Bravo Wing)
Dalliance Communications Officer
Dalliance Flight Pod Officer
Parthios Comms Officer
Thalar Comms Officer
Virgos Valor Comms officer
Sunkiss Survivor
Shuttle Vindiction Pilot
and perhaps more...

You may send me your auditions via email, seeing as many of the positions will have extensive scripts it won't hurt to send me a sample instead of giving me the entire shebang in one go. But it is your free time as it is my, so have fun with it. The guidelines are just that, I want you to be able to inject character into the dialogue, however improv and changing of the scripts might not be acceptable due to the nature of FRED. However I am open to it if you are truly all for it.

Hope to hear your angel like voices in the near future!