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YouTuber Fangame Needs Voices
: General Info :

Hello there! My name is Hailey, and I am a representative and main director of a group called CreamPOP Studios. And right now, we are working on a fan-game, for Markiplier and JackSepticEye! Unlike what the title may insinuate, this game is not focused on the romantic ship of'Septiplier'. We understand that the name may say otherwise, but we assure you that it is only a convenient way to say it is about both Mark and Jack. This game is an unpaid project as of right now. However, it has the opportunity of later turning into a paid project that would offer a small sum to each voice actor.


The game itself is based around an idea that Dark and Anti (their evil counterparts) have taken them into the depths of the Internet to take over tjeir lives, and it is their job to escape. In order to do so, they traverse many levels that bear resemblances to horror games they have played, and there is an abundance of game references to be found within. Along their journey, they are accompanied by Bob and Wade, and they meet a few others who help them out, such as Cry, who sells items throughout the game. There are also two narrators who bicker quite often and offer different ways to complete a level.

You play as either Mark or Jack.

The main enemies of the game are Dark/Anti, as well as the BAD NARRATOR. There will be an option to fight all of them!


The timeline for the game is expected to be as long as eight months of work. Line recording will begin once the script is finished, hopefully around beginning of June, and will last as long as needed for each person.

Anyone who helps with the game will received early access to the game upon finishing it.

Number of lines will depend on the role. Bob has the most, with Felix with the least, and Wade is inbetween.

We may ask that you take part in group recording sessions, but this will never be required.



You must be able to reply to any email within 24 hours

You must have access to Google Docs/Drive


It is recommended that you have a Discord, but it is not required.

It is reccommended that you know who these people are, but this is also not required.

It is reccommended that you hit their voice as accurately as you can, but this is also not required. Just matching tone or energy will work.

If you would like to help with the game in any other way, such as with art, music, or programming, feel free to let us know!


We would like a few voice actors for this game, however. We have some parts filled already, such as Mark, the Narrators, Cry, and Minx, but we still need someone to take the role of Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), Bob Muyskens (Muyskerm), and Wade Barnes.


: Auditions :

Felix Kjellberg

Felix is a Swedish guy who does games. Or, well, used to. Nevertheless, he's energetic, silly, and very optimistic. He has a tendency to add voices to other things and is overall a rather comedic character. His voice is often high pitched, but fluctuates and breaks often when in distress.

Invalid YouTube URL:

Audition Lines:
1. Jaaaack! Don't leave me!
2. How did you guys get here? You look like ****.
3. I think I found something. Want it?
4. Markimoo, it's you! Where've ya been?


Wade Barnes

Wade is a silly, very expressive sort of guy. He's very funny, and often gets overworked up about things. Angry very quickly, and often poked fun at by his two friends, Mark and Bob. His voice has a tendency to shoot up in pitch when upset, and break.


Invalid YouTube URL:

Audition Lines:

1. Mark! Jack! Thank God you're here!

2. Yeah! ...I (Abashed/Embarrassed)

3. ...What are you doing? We should probably just listen to them, you know?


Bob Muysken

Bob is a an enthusiastic American from Cincinatti. He loves to be loud, but his resting voice is still on the softet end. Sarcastic and witty, he tends to switch into an odd German or Russian accent when bored.

Invalid YouTube URL:

Audition Lines:

1. Mark! Where have you been?

2. Wade, please, just stop.

3. Wow. Your stupidity can be astounding. But don't worry, we love you anyway.


: Recording & Sending Instructions :
-Save all files in mp3 format, MONO
-Record all of a character's audition lines in one file.
-If more than one audition is sent, each character is a seperate file, and please zip it

-Label as Yourname_Character.mp3
-Put "(Character Name) Audition" in the subject line of the e-mail

E-mail your auditions to this email - [email protected]
Or to Discord: Zero || Jazz#0418
Or to Skype: PlaguedAnarchy (will appear as Glitchy)

DEADLINE: June 10th @ 3pm CST


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Re: YouTuber Fangame Needs Voices
I certainly find the idea interesting. Considering that this is a fan game, there should be a relatively high chance that either Jack or Mark will play it. Since they have a massive fanbase, there will definetly be fans that will download Freespace 2 for playing the mod, which means that HLP might get a huge boost in popularity... Heck yeah, I'm all for it.
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Re: YouTuber Fangame Needs Voices
there will definetly be fans that will download Freespace 2 for playing the mod
I see nothing in the original post that says it will be running on FSO or have anything remotely FS2-related in it.
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