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Favorite Freespace Fightcraft
This has probably come up as a poll before at some point, but the discussion came across the Discord so I was curious to see what the actual breakdown was if you polled people about it.
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Re: Favorite Freespace Fightcraft
If choosing strictly from retail: Perseus (as voted).
If I'm allowed to choose from community assets: Kentauroi, no question.

Re: Favorite Freespace Fightcraft
The Herc mark II left a strong impression on me from the earliest days of the FS2 demo, and I've stood by the old beast ever since. You don't need to dogfight if you just blast every fighter to scrap with hundreds of harpoons and tornados.


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Re: Favorite Freespace Fightcraft
Clothes peg.   Kaysers, maxims, tornadoes and trebs.  Shield pips down twice.  Max engine.  Max brrrt.

Re: Favorite Freespace Fightcraft
For the retail, the Erinyes as its 8 guns and good missile capacity meant I could pack a lot of firepower into one small ship.  With 8 Kaysers, I shred through fighters and bombers like I'm shoving them into a meatgrinder, and dual Maxims allows me to rip apart unshielded targets up to cruiser  with ease and even fighters and bombers have a hard time surviving.   It also allows me to disarm corvettes and destroyers easily as well as damage subsystems, namely engines.   Of anything I flew in a mod, the special interceptor owned by the player character in Freespace 2 The Aftermath Reboot is the best thing I ever flew.  It has a lot of speed without sacrificing too much armor, and it also has an INSANE missile capacity.  I can carry hundreds of missiles while flying it