If there ever was a new Freespace game,would you prefer it was:

A: A sequel to Freespace 2
15 (35.7%)
B: A remake of Freespace 1
2 (4.8%)
C: A spiritual successor
25 (59.5%)

Total Members Voted: 42

Author Topic: New Freespace game  (Read 4960 times)

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Well, House of the Dying Sun borrows elements from Shattered Stars, since it was set in a distant galaxy and an alien government... more or less... I think.

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so indicative of severe delusions on your part.
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Good thinking. What about Star Citizen?
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Good thinking. What about Star Citizen?

I do not know what you are expecting, but current trends look unfavorable, to put it mildly. Objectively speaking, Star Citizen has not met many of promised design goals promised. More details here.

Moreover, while it's not possible to evaluate develpoment with perfect accuracy from an outside perspective, there are some disturbing trends at work:
1. Star Citizen is already behind in core developments, and yet they keep promisingly new things like a solo campaign and shooter gameplay. Either CIG has found a way to conjure entirely new gameplay features out of thin air, or this is a marketing ploy meant to draw in new audiences and disappoint their old fans and the new equally when they spread their devtime too thin.
2. The official places are being sensitive to criticism to such a degree. I won't argue Something Awful or Derek Smart are good people, but the citizens seem awfully eager to use them as scapegoats and tie any critical perspective to saboteurs originating from these sources. Call it a hunch, but when someone's censoring and retconning the pants out of something, there's a fine chance you'll find some skeletons in the closet if you dig.
3. The role of money to buy ingame advantages. Whatever the advertisers may say on this, nothing good can come out of this. This is doubly true if PvP is existant and widespread. Now, I don't think CRoberts is scamming fans - from what I've seen, he's the sort of determined man who will carry on come Hell or high water, and in his mind this is most likely just a stopgap measure to get through a rough patch. But from everyone else's perspective, things don't look rosy - If Star Citizen succeeds, non-buyers might feel like buyers are bribing their way to victory, that's a lot of playerbase tension waiting to happen. I've been firsthand witness to what that tension can do to a community more than once. And if Star Citizen turns out to disappoint the advantage buyers, CIG better prepare for a storm - there is no more bitter enemy than an ex-lover.


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Well, House of the Dying Sun borrows elements from Shattered Stars, since it was set in a distant galaxy and an alien government... more or less... I think.
No, it doesn't.  No one knows about Shattered Stars and no one cares about Shattered Stars.

i know for a fact that one of the writers on House of the Dying Sun is a great appreciator of Bryan's work
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