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(TrashMan, I apologize for the partial thread hijack)

why no capture the Ani's using FRAPS and than cut them into a usable file? that would seem the fastest and easiest way...
I don't think so, not when it's (theoretically) possible to work with the files directly.

Also, a little news from Lancers Reactor: .fm8 is in fact an animation format, but there are no known programs that can make use of it. If anybody's got some crazy coding skills, or knows somebody who does, how difficult would it be to make a program that could export the animations to, say .pcx's or something?

A partial breakthrough!

Asked some people on the Lancers Reactor, and eventually got hold of a command-line program that converts .fm8s to .bmps! ...the only thing is that it exports just the first frame.

Uploaded here is the program and a random .fm8 from the archive. Anybody else wanna take a crack at this? Maybe somebody who knows something about C?

I mean, one frame is better than nothing, but we came here for animations!
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Ridiculous, the Director's Cut

Starlancer Head Animations - Converted

I know this is old as hell, but if you can get me that C sourcecode I'm happy to take a look...
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FYI - I did get my hands on Starlancer ani's for FS.

They look kinda small-ish, but haven't tested them yet. Will do see over teh weekend.
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