Author Topic: How to setup multiplayer as of December 2017?  (Read 162 times)

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How to setup multiplayer as of December 2017?
Hey everyone, I got into Freespace 2 recently and I was hoping to play the main campaign cooperatively with my brother.  A lot of promising guides have taken me to but judging from the "Hello World" text it seems to have been down for a while. 

According to waybackmachine it used to look something like this only a few months ago:

What happened to that service? Is it gone forever? Does anyone know how I can get some kind of LAN multiplayer game going, possibly with Evolve or Hamachi?  I've used those services in the past.  Are there any video guides to go along with setting up multiplayer?  Any help would be appreciated, flying blind here.


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Re: How to setup multiplayer as of December 2017?
I can confirm LAN works

From (
Replace all text in freespace2\data\multi.cfg with just

In the in-game Multi options screen, both server and clients need to select /missions NOT /multidata, or it will crash any clients during new map file transfers. (

For CoOP see
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Re: How to setup multiplayer as of December 2017?
FS2NetD has not been brought back up since the server move a couple of months ago.  Hoping that we'll have something back up in the near future.
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