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RELEASE: High-poly GTCa Warlock

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I have seen beyond the bounds of infinity and drawn down daemons from the stars. . . . I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness. . . . Space belongs to me, do you hear? Things are hunting me now—the things that devour and dissolve—but I know how to elude them. -HP Lovecraft, "From Beyond"

Warlock... ARISE.

DOWNLOAD the model now and give it a whirl!

This newest release includes Galemp's latest textures as well as a sample -shp.tbm.  The ship isn't directly compatible with the old INF R1 version; there are differences in turrets, armament, subsystems, and paths.  Some tweaking may be needed before you drop this into existing missions.

Credits are Aldo for the original low-poly model, Moonred for the mesh, Hades for optimization, FreeSpaceFreak for UVmapping, Galemp for texturing, and Yarn and Hades for POF editing.

Looks great, and seems like it was a real team effort, bravo!

(also, any chance of a p3d?  :nervous:)

Luis Dias:
I like the hangar, looks homeworld-y, although the geometry of the ship doesn't allow for the light to spill more around the ship.

Loved it in INFR1. Glad to see it's been revived!

It looks more armored than low poly. :cool:
Great job. :yes:


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