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Battlestar nuke launch
How can I make my battlestar fire a salvo of nukes at a specific basestar in the editor? I assume using events and changing the weapons in the VLS tubes of the battlestar. I have searched through the (extremely useful and well put together guide) but couldn't find how to do it, or what weapon I'd need to use for colonial nukes (unless I'd just have to use the Cylon nukes?). Thanks! I've almost finished my first proper mission using the guide, and hope to upload it once I've ironed out the kinks.


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Re: Battlestar nuke launch
Opening the last campaign mission should help figure out which weapon needs to be selected.

For target selection you could set the nuke launchers to turret-tagged-only and TAG the target base ship with another sexp.

Re: Battlestar nuke launch
I think you need to manually unlock the launchers through SEXPs first.

As Battuta said, extracting the last mission from the Diaspora .vp files and looking at the mission events should give some ideas.

Re: Battlestar nuke launch
Thank you both. Where will I find the missions?

Re: Battlestar nuke launch
In R1_Core.vp, here's a wiki link to tools to open the .vp files.

The event you are looking for is called "VLSnukesprepped" and the ones chained to it.