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Interactive control over multiplayer mission?

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Imagine situation.

I'll be hosting MP mission for fighter pilots. There will be several cap ships included. Meanwile some other players (the HQ) will be playing strategic board game. Based on its outcome, some cap ships may explode.

Is there a way to control such things on the server side?

If it will be some crasy variant like " Join the game with ship invisible to players with a certain name, and bind explosion to its arrival", it'll do as well, but more civilized ways are preferable.

I think we'll need more detail on what you're asking to give a meaningful answer. Multiplayer in general is pretty quiet these days, anyway.

ksostar, maybe you could also try hopping on the HLP Discord server and asking there (a lot of people here are on there)

Also, I imagine what you're asking is possible with some Lua scripting or something, but as xeno said, you'll probably need to provide more details.

I'm on Discord, but this is low priority matter for me, so I'd better discuss it here without haste. At least for now, while everybody are on holidays.

Uh, I thought I provided a meaningful example, but I'll try again.

I want to be able to control mission events interactively, for multiplayer. For example, I press a key or run a command on a server and some ships arrive, or cap ships explode, etc.

I need this because there is no way to bind this logic strict into mission triggers/scripts. Some of the events may even come from outside the mission itself. We'll be running a large Live Role Playing session, where pilots missions will be only a part of events. Events outcome can be prepared beforehand, but it is unknown will they trigger or not. I can receive a message like "Bomb plant was successful", and then I need a cap ship to explode. But the ship will be fine till the end of mission, if I don't.

Does it sound any clearer now? :)

In other words, he wants the ability to be a "Dungeon Master" for the game.


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