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Interactive control over multiplayer mission?

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Mito [PL]:
I'm not sure if that's possible, but you might want to also try and place some dummy objects (i.e. 8 Ulysses fighters with "Play Dead" order) and have some of them obey orders of player 1, some of player 2, ect. and have players setting up events of the mission by ordering certain vessels to depart and then having the mission detect departures of these objects and reacting accordingly.

Example: Player 1 orders "Cruiser wing Crethus: Attack formation" named vessel to depart, has-departed-delay SEXp triggers and your mission script changes cruisers' orders to follow a different waypoint path.

I just have no goddamn idea if you can "attach" vessels to different players when it comes to orders...

I did as you suggested, and it works. Invisible ships take orders only from host, jumps out. And boom.


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