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Minor plot question

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It was stated in the relatively early part of this campaign that the Terrans were working on trying to re-open the Sol node in Delta Serpentis (Gateway Project).  This came into conflict with the Vasudan desire to stabilize the Marnakh (sp?) knossos portal. 

When the Vasudans asked the Terrans for parts from the Gateway Project to use on their own project, the Terrans turned them down except for a couple secondary spare parts.  IIRC the Terrans in the General Assembly said no and that Gateway would be the top priority.  One mission briefing also said the Delta Serpentis governor refused to help out the Vasudans in this regard.  It was stated also that the matter would be debated in the General Assembly.

However, a couple of missions was said the Vasudans would get all the parts they need.  It was also said this was even before the matter could reach the GTVA General Assembly.  How did this happen?  The Terrans in the GA and in particular Delta Serpentis Terrans were adamant Gateway would not be delayed to help out the Vasudans and that no primary parts would be sent.  What happened to change the Terrans' minds?  Did the Terrans get something in return?

Excellent question!  Always glad to see players interested in the story and plot behind a campaign. :)

The clue is in the briefing:

--- Quote ---...reports indicate that all necessary components have been made available to the 8th Battle Group and are being rushed to Marnakh, allegedly by GVTI courier.
--- End quote ---

I've added the bold.  There is another clue when the GTC Pallas arrives:

--- Quote ---This particular vessel is one of only three attached to GVTI, but we judged your situation important enough to deploy it to the Marnakh system.
--- End quote ---

GVTI is not only aware of the expedition into Marnakh, but is following it with great interest and has even gotten involved.  They place a high priority on the exploration of this new frontier because it could provide solutions to a number of very complicated problems plaguing the GVTA.  At the same time, the situation is extremely tenuous due to the state of the Knossos portal.  So the GVTI engaged in some political back-channel maneuvers to persuade the Gateway Project and Delta Serpentis to drop their objections.


--- Quote from: Goober5000 on September 11, 2019, 09:00:13 pm ---Excellent question!  Always glad to see players interested in the story and plot behind a campaign. :)
  So the GVTI engaged in some political back-channel maneuvers to persuade the Gateway Project and Delta Serpentis to drop their objections.

--- End quote ---

Do you think the conversation went something like this (GTVI representative and Delta Serpentis governor):
GTVI:  Governor, there are reasons to stabilize the Marnakh Knossos asap.

DS:  I'm not against scientific research, but returning to Sol has been a dream of our species for decades.  We're getting closer and making real progress and now you want to snatch that away so Vasudans can do some exploring?

GTVI:  It's not some meaningless scientific expedition.  Limited scans so far show massive resources there and potential planets that are livable.  We'd be able to settle all the remaining Capella refugees and find the Vasudans a new homeworld.  After the NTF war, it's important to maintain good Terran-Vasudan relations and this could go a long way for that.

DS:  Look, that may all be true and I'm not saying we should never help the situation in Marnakh.  Think though of the economic benefits to our species though that getting Earth back would bring.  I'm sure there'd be a place for the Capellans there too.

GTVI:  Governor, as you know this conversation between you and I is highly classified.  What I'm about to tell you is even more classified.  There have been a small number of Shivans spotted in Marnakh.  It's important we find  out if more are there.

DS:  They could be in Sol for all we know too but that's a risk we're willing to take!

GTVI: I'll be frank, the GTVI sees this as more of an immediate priority.  To be honest, this is the path we're going to go down and I'm here largely as a courtesy to you.

DS:  I'll take this matter to the General Assembly!  Other Terrans won't take so kindly to having our homeworld snatched away because of politics.

GTVI:  Governor, I would highly advise against that.  The Security Council will make sure this happens.

DS:  We're never going back to that what you're saying?

GTVI:  Not at all, not at all.  In fact, if you drop your protest in the General Assembly, we can make things better for you and we could get back to Earth sooner than you think perhaps.

DS:  I'm listening...

GTVI:  We are prepared to make some concessions in exchange for you and the Gateway Project officially dropping your objection to the temporary reallocation of resources from Gateway to Marnakh.  One:  once these systems are clear of Shivans we can begin bringing in large numbers of workers to begin extracting resources and to build shipyards and facilities in Marnakh and beyond.  We could have a large number of these workers be Delta Serpentis companies.  Governor, you're up for re-election soon.  Thousands of new jobs for people in your system would be quite helpful for that wouldn't you say?
Two:  When the GTVA gets new resources, they get split up among Terrans and Vasudans to a certain extent.  We'll arrange it so that the first priority of the Terran side of these gains from these new systems will be to replenish and continue Gateway.  What say you?

DS:  I think we might have a deal here.

Basically, by back channel maneuvers, you mean the GTVA probably had to offer Delta Serpentis something (at least in secret) to drop its official objections right (and didn't just dictate things)?

That is an excellent vignette.  It was a real pleasure to read.  Well done. :)

Back-channel maneuvers can take any number of forms, with any number of carrots or sticks.  So yes, there was almost certainly some sort of back-and-forth involved.

Thanks, glad you liked it.

IIRC, it was said by someone that Scroll II would take place a couple years or so later chronologically after Scroll.  I know it's not the main focus of the campaign, but if/when Scroll II gets released, could you at least throw in a line or two in there to say how the Gateway/Sol Gate project is going?


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