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Flank speed

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The term "flank speed" is sometimes used to refer to a ship's true maximum speed, as distinguished from "full speed" which is the maximum speed without risking damage to the propulsion system.  Study this term now because it will be in a Scroll Part II mission. ;)

Wikipedia says that this is "exclusively an American phrase", but the Commonwealth "full speed" doesn't carry the same connotation to armchair naval American ears.

@Admiral Nelson, care to comment?

Does this mean that a ship is going to go flank speed and have it's engine subsystem take continuous damage while going flank speed?

Possibly.  I know generally how the mission will play out but I haven't filled in the details yet.

Admiral Nelson:
It is a real term, and American English seems to be the standard in the GTA, so it's fine to use in this sense:

Trivial Psychic:
"We've got to go fast, sir.  Shall I increase to flank speed?"
"No.  Flank speed is too slow."
"Too slow, sir?"
"Yes.  We've got to go right to... Bendix speed!"


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