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Trivial Psychic:
Now that I've installed Knossos, I've been giving SA a run-through, and I'm on the ISF branch right now.  I'm up to mission 5 (I'd tell you the mission title but it doesn't say it because of the Red Alert), and I can't progress beyond it.

Spoiler:I manage to scan all targets up to the time when I get the warning about Arjuna wing, by which point I've only got a Moloch and the Byrn corvettes left to scan.  I make a run back to the AWACS, get Arjuna in close and then engage and destroy them.  I get the warning about one trying to escape the jamming field but I get it before it does.  Then I go back and scan the remaining two ships.  On one attempt I finished the scans and got a message telling me to draw Arjuna into range of the AWACS, but I'd already destroyed them.  I withdrew to the AWACS anyway, but got no further directives so I jumped back to base, but got the "no authorization" debriefing and had to repeat.

More recently, I got to the same spot, but since I had already gotten within 1500m of the AWACS earlier in the mission I didn't get the same message.  After scanning all warships I decided to scan all cargo as well, then for the hell of it I scanned the remaining subsystems of the Ravana, but some of the fighters got close enough so I got unprotected.  I decided to have a little more fun, so I drew them outside the weapons range of the warships, then engaged and destroyed all the fighters that were chasing me, then doubled back and attacked the freighters, and even took out one of the Rakshassa cruisers.  I was moving in on another when I got within range of the Demon's flak and decided to call it quits and headed out of range before jumping.  The debriefing indicated that I'd failed to stop Arjuna from escaping the ESD field and can't proceed to the next mission.  I conclude that there is some form of sequencing error to be looked at.

Also, the proximity tracker seems to be not working properly.  It often tracks fighters that are 3k away, while ignoring ones that are much closer.

Hmm.  Looks like there are some holes in the sexp logic that need patching.

What version of FSO are you using?

Trivial Psychic:
One of the recent Knightlies; I believe it was 2021-04-26.

It turns out that the detection sexps do not work correctly after the Mem Hardot leaves.  The mission assumes the player always jumps out at that point, so that was never tested.

The new version I just uploaded should fix this issue, but you still need to do all your scanning before you fight Arjuna.

Trivial Psychic:
Well, I was able to pass the mission now, but things still aren't perfect.  I took out Arjuna when the got in close, though I still got the debriefing message indicating that I shouldn't let them get beyond the 3k range.  Anyway, after destroying Arjuna the Admiral told me to jump out and the AWACS jumped, but I decided to stick around.  I got a scan of the Byrn corvette but the fighters all converged on me and then the warships started shooting at me.  I led the fighters away from the warships, shot them all down, went after most of the freighters and took them down.  Then picked a careful course towards the Ravana (I hadn't scanned it yet) and set about taking out the turrets from close in until I could get the scans done.  That completed all of the objectives for me.  I was hoping to snipe out the turrets on the cruisers and take a couple of them out before jumping away, but I was taking too much damage when a nearby Lilith targetted me with its AAA turret so I decided to make a break for it and jump out once I was out of range.

Aside from the debriefing thing, I would suggest giving the player a bit more time to scan everything before things take a turn, then make sure that if the player managed to take out any of the fighter wings, more are launched to replace them.  I tried it over and over and never managed to scan EVERYTHING unless I did so AFTER the whole Arjuna situation, which I shouldn't be able to.

Regardless, thanks for looking into my initial problem and creating a resolution so quickly.


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