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K, we now have our own private judging forum. :) Only the three of us can access it (and I've double-checked the forum permissions to ensure this is the case).

So here's how I think this should work.  After August 1st, each of us will download and play the submitted missions.  Once we finish a mission, we'll write a review in the style of the VWatch archives.  Then we check this forum.  If there's already a thread about that mission, we add our review to it.  If not, we start a new thread with the title of the mission and put our review as the first post.  The idea is that each mission will have its own thread, just like with FRED Academy.

Once we have a "critical mass" of reviews, we can start discussion of prizes, either by replying to the mission thread or starting new threads, whichever feels more appropriate.  Everyone's a moderator here, so feel free to make your own stickies or whatever you feel is necessary. ;)

For reference:
The FRED Contest thread
VolitionWatch Archives review criteria

Sounds like a good idea :) I've been playing FS2 a lot more these last few weeks so I'm not going to have too much of a problem covering all these. How many missions have been submitted so far?

Blaise Russel:
At time of posting, 2 by TopAce, 1 Akalabeth Angel, 1 BlueFlames, 1 Axem and 1 Trashman.

Grand total: 6.

Could be more if others are submitted tonight, or perhaps tomorrow, or if there's an extension.

(edit: there may be more. Trashman sent five? Dude wants to win, all right. :) )

How come I never noticed this before?  I think I would open FRED2 for the first time in ages and put something together....

The competition was posted in the campaigns forum and in the news. How did you miss it?


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