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--- Quote from: Turey on September 19, 2006, 11:24:34 pm ---obscure mods can almost always be found if you ask kara. I don't know where he gets them. maybe he has a box in the attic labeled "Complete archive of everything FreeSpace."

Damnit, i want a box like that.

--- End quote ---

I don't know if I have a box like that exactly but what I do have is a DVD/HD collection of everything I've ever downloaded from the net. So generally whether or not I have a mod comes down to whether I actually download it or not.

Finding the mod on the other hand can be more troublesome. Not everything is categorised.

There have been a bunch of capship mods in the past. The subject has never really interested me due to the limitations inherent in the idea (minimal control over the beams etc) so I can't be certain I ever did download a copy.

I have a single mission from somewhere where you fly a demios... singleplayer though...

here... DL the attachment.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Here is that mission in .vp, if u dont want to mess up your fs2 folder.  :yes:


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