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Agreed, that would make sense.

Well, now that I've finally gotten multiplayer online to work for me, (had to get a new computer, although I didn't do it just for this) I want to see the Parallax Online logo (in the online-lobby) replaced with a FS2NET logo.

Heh, this has already been done, but i don't remember where the file is. I have it changed for an FS2NetD logo... It must be burried somewhere in the millions of post in this forum, I have it at home, so when i get there and if i remember, i'll post it up.

The E:
New logo is in the mediavps.

I have a new one... when a player runs out of re-spawns, he goes to observe mode, which turns suoerboring... could it be possible to add a way to show stats of the game there? like point standings, kill-counts, or players / enemies integrity? Of course this would need to be different for tvt, so you don't get an advantage from being able to see enemy integrity and how many times they have died so you can relay the info to your team.  :drevil:


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