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Recently re-downloading a lot of older campaigns made me realize something: way too many of them are way too hard to find the most recent release.  Since I'm already searching out most of them, I figured I'd post the most recent links that I can find here to make it easier for everyone else.  I'll do my best to order it alphabetically to keep things easy to find.

NOTICE 1:  Many campaigns have more than one download link for the latest release.  Please check to make sure you download all parts of a campaign.

NOTICE 2:  If you have downloaded the 3.6.12 mediavps, in the mod.ini, change "secondarylist = mediavps;" to "secondarylist = mediavps_3612;" to ensure compatability, provided there is a mod.ini.

FSPort Campaigns:
25th Year
Alliance Fights Back
Battle for Altair
Cardinal Spear
Dark Raji
Destiny of Peace
Duke Squad
Eagle Takes Flight
FreeSpace Port (takes a whole lot of links)
Hellgate Ikeya
Infinite Dimensions
Internal Conflicts
The Light of Antares
Marduk's Shroud
The McCarthy Campaign
New Beginnings
Nubian Conflict
Points of View
Rain on Ribos 4
Memories of the Great War (contains Hellgate Ikeya, The Light of Antares, and Rain on Ribos 4 in one convenient package.)
The Road to Victory
Second Vasudan War
Shivans (Contains both Echo Gate and Phantoms)
Shrouding the Light
Silent Threat: Reborn
Special Ops
Start of the Terran Vasudan War
Vasudan Academy
Vasudan Imperium (second link is awesome HUD stuff)
Wolfpack Legacy

FS2/SCP Campaigns:
158th Banshee Squadron - Into the Night MUST BE PLAYED WITH 3.6.10
Aeos Affair (Upgrade)
Allied Forces
Allied Worlds
All is Fair in Love and War
Ancient-Shivan War, Act 1
The Antagonist
The Apocaplyse: Vega
Beyond the Cause
Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius: Director's Cut (the last link is optional)
Blue Planet: War in Heaven
Boomerang (Upgrade)
Casualties of War
Casualties of War 2
The Centaur Project Chapters 1 and 2 I honestly can't tell if the patch is in there.
Cleaning Crew
Crossing the Styx
Dante's Ascension
Dawn of Sol (including optional downloads)
Deep Blood
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina - Interlude
Desperation Chapters 1+2
The Enemies Return
Enemies United
The Exodus
Faces of Treason
Fall of Epsilon Pegasi
Flames of War - Chapter One
Flames of War - Coming of the Storm
Flames of War - Full Download
Freespace 3 The Search for Bosch
Ghosts of Valor
Ghost Revenants
The Great Tin Can Run
Independence Warriors Saga
Inferno: Alliance
Inferno Release 1
Into the Depths of Hell, Parts 1-4, Part 5
Into the Halls of Valhalla
Into the Halls of Valhalla - Police Action
The Journey to Epsilon Pegasi
Just Another Day: Special Edition
Just Another Day Christmas Special (recommend putting in your JAD folder)
Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo
Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1
Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane
The Lightning Marshal Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4
Meditations on the Abyss Chapter 01
Merkar (has three links)
Neo-Terra (Link is part-way down the page)
New Beginnings
Nukemod: Children of Shiva
Odin's Spear
Operation: Savior
Pandora's Box (Upgrade)
Procyon Insurgency
Regulus Campaign
Renegade Resurgence
Return to Sol
Rise of the Corporate
Rogue Intentions Episode I (and patch)
Second Front
Second Great War Part II
Secret of the Ancients
Shadows of Kraken
Shivans! (v0.21)
Sol: A History
Solar Wars Chapter 1 (Link is part-way down the page)
Spoon's Top-Down Shooter for FreeSpace
Stand Against the Night
Storm Front - Episodes I and II, including Beyond the Mirror
Storm Front - Storm Chasers
Tides of Darkness (with patch)
Titan Rebellion
Teeth of the Tiger - Intro
Trouble at Home
Uncharted Territory
Unholy Alliance (possibly buggy)
Unification Prequel Campaign
Unification War (Woohoo lots of links!) (One more) (First three required, rest optional)
Utopia - Return to Neo-Terra (I can't vouch for this link)
Vassago's Dirge
Wings of Dawn
Warzone (Upgrade)
What If - Another Great War

I will continue to update and include more easy to reach campaigns as they come out (and as I find them). 

NOTE:  This is specifically for the Missions and Campaigns board.  I'm not trying to make another campaign list for the wiki.

Thanks for doing this. It has been somewhat of an ordeal to bring myself up to speed on all the great work that has been put out there. Many of the websites and links I follow when searching for campaigns are broken or abandoned.

Do you mean for this list to be an unbias one or are these campaigns you particularly enjoy?

Heh, I've played... seven of the campaigns on that list.  This is assuredly not a list of only campaigns I enjoy.  I'm still missing a dozen or so, since geocities hosted a few of them and it's gone now, but I'll try to get those soon.

Thank you. I couldn't find them all in the Wiki and apparently there are still many I haven't played. I just need to clear out some storage space.

Thanks- really useful!  :nod:

you're hotlinking to files on FSMods, which it doesn't like D:


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