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Finally got back around to this project and it still seems worth it, so I decided to officially let you all in on my side project!

Between the Ashes: Slaves of Chaos

Between the Ashes tells the story of mankind after the Shivans have been defeated and the Lucifer destroyed. The stage is set by the GTI rebellion near the end of the Great War. Without a home, mankind wanders across the stars aimless and without purpose. Where do we go from here? Are the Shivans still out there? Who else might lurk in the universe seeking our destruction and how do we prepare? These are the questions everyone is asking.

The losses to the Shivans and the crippled state of the GTA from the Fourteen Year War has caused many to lose faith in a unified government. And the Hammer of Light has become a dangerous terrorist group, but to what end?


I'm building this one minimalist style. No need to make assets when hundreds are available. Assuming I keep a good balance between working on this and all my other projects, it should be pretty easy to finish up as all it needs is FREDing! Be intrigued!

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Another campaign to look forward to playing! 2011 is going to be a good year for HLP. :D

Black Wolf:
Lambda has a "b" in it. :p

Also, yay for people using civvy stuff :)


--- Quote from: Black Wolf on February 23, 2011, 11:22:15 pm ---Lambda has a "b" in it. :p

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Hmmm, I remember wondering about that when I made that mission...  :lol:

Is this a campaign set in the reconstruction period between The Great War and Capella? Looks very along the lines of this and awesome at the same time!


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