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Scripted Message Gauge v1.2

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This is great for non-voiced campaigns. Just tried it out with Vassago's Dirge and it worked well. Though the version 1.2 I just downloaded doesn't actually hide the old message gauge. Unless I'm misreading something because the old gauge works well as a backlog. Messages don't time out, so I'm guessing this was intended.
Tried it with retail FS2 too just to be sure, same result.
Though it does keep the HUD colour scheme, so It doesn't ruin my artistic 15 colour HUD  :P.

The backlog looks and acts very similar to the old messages gauge, except messages won't appear on it until the text scrolling is finished, and the messages slowly fade out.

General Battuta:
New version's great.

Yes, yes it is.

Hey. Know it's been forever, but there's a long-running bug with the message script. We at Exile (and other campaigns too) could use a fix.

On longer messages, the message gauge cuts off before the message finishes. I cannot into LUA, so could you possibly extend the default time that a message remains on-screen?


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