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[Released] Kaze

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Wow. It really does resemble the Krant, doesn't it!

Wow that is frightening.

I'll think of something tonight but don't expect wonders.

Also to address specific concerns,  atm the vertical profile is the same as the original and will end up being taller due to engines, missile pods, and rear tail wings.

As for between the fork, that is reserved for other things than missile pods.


--- Quote from: Lorric on September 18, 2014, 10:48:38 am ---Wow. It really does resemble the Krant, doesn't it!

--- End quote ---
That's from Standoff, the original sprite (particularly it's top profile) is what I'm talking about. While it's fairly blurry, it's similar enough for Kaze to remind me of it. :)

This one?

Yes. It's less sleek than Kaze, with bigger, more complex wings, but the overall configuration is pretty close (also note how thin it is from the side. Standoff version is much thicker).


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