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Let us change the model's name to Kraze! :)

Looks like I need to switch it up a little eh? My idea is coming along quite nicely at the moment, it's just painstaking having to move individual vertices and calculate distances in between each move.

I think it is a little flimsy looking, preferably make it a bit 'fatter', no need to be as 'fat' as a Dragon, just make it less flimsy.

When I think Kaze, I think

Sleek, rounded, sexy, and small profile. Needs more of that.

Is this Kaze designed to replace the old Kaze, or is it one of the Kaze variants Spoon mentioned in the Forum Game? Or something else entirely?

I am not fond of the outstretched wings. I prefer the way they are more tucked in on the old Kaze:

Though if this Kaze was some sort of heavier Kaze variant it might work. But I'll be honest, it really doesn't feel like the old Kaze at all. Unless it's not supposed to.

I would prefer the picture Andrew has just put as a changed Kaze to this one.


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