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A couple minor questions about the Golgotha:

1-What class of ship will it be?  Will it be the GTSD/GTDn/GTJ Golgotha?

2-I forgot how long BWO takes place after FS2, but how did the GTVA military planners justify building it?  Didn't the Colossus kind of temper the enthusiasm for 'eggs in one basket' big ships?

General Battuta:
I think the whole idea behind the Golgotha is that it was none of those things you just described.


--- Quote ---GTD Golgotha

Class: Destroyer Prototype
Length: 3617 Meters
Weapon Systems (capships): 1 Meson Reaction Core Particle Beam, 2 TSB-11 Photon Beam Cannons, 4 Modified TSB-8 Photon Beam Cannons, 4 TAF-6 Anti-Fighter Beam Cannons, 18 Pulse Emitters, 8 Flak Cannons
Max. Standard Velocity: 20 m/s
Hull Strength: 200000 ASE (Collapsed Core Molybdenum Sheathing)
Fleet Yards: Classified

A radical departure from traditional GTVA destroyer design, the Golgotha has been designed in the post-Capella age. As such it has been designed to take on the largest and most powerful Shivan destroyers and juggernauts and win. The Golgotha's main weapon is an experimental Meson cannon, harnessing immense power and focusing it into a cohesive energy beam many times more powerful than any conventional beam cannon. Somewhat faster and more heavily armoured than an Orion-class, the destroyer carries only two fighter squadrons (less than half of a normal complement). Nevertheless, with a suitable support fleet nothing can rival the Golgotha's destructive power. The crews of this vessel have not nicknamed it the 'giant killer' without good reason.
--- End quote ---

Maybe you'll get more info if Raven decides to do a presentation of it.

General Battuta:
Am I nuts or was there fiction that the Golgotha was going to be a class of agile, effective, reasonably affordable heavy combatants for killing things bigger than them? I thought there were either lots of them or plans for lots of them.

AFAIK you are correct, it is a prototype for a class of vessel. The intention was to build a lot of them and that plan may or may not have started to be put into action. But at the start of the campaign it is a unique ship with asymmetric damage potential.


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