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You've seen it before, you probably even flown it! But it never looked as sexy as today! The Persephone!!

--- Quote ---The Persephone represents a substantial improvement in GTVA fighter technologies. Using lessons learned from the Perseus, Loki, and Pegasus, this variant of the Perseus intercept fighter has an entirely new hull configuration. Using an enhanced Vasudan designed powerplant and engine system, Shivan influenced targeting systems, and low observable technologies. The Persephone is not a stealth craft like the Pegasus but it does have a much smaller sensor profile than most GTVA fighters, making it ideal for covert operations. The Persephone is currently operational only in SOC units for its OpEval period.
--- End quote ---

The old model:

A bit of history. What in BWO we call GTF Persephone was originally modeled by a French guy who went by the name of Venom (and later Nico), who gave it the designation GTF Banshee. Very talented fella! You've probably been exposed to his work loads of times, maybe without knowing it! 
Also, the Persephone is the first model I ever did for BWO, as well as the first HTL model that I worked from beginning to end. Of course, it's previous iterations weren't as good looking as this one (and I'm afraid those have been lost forever, so can't show the differences). But now, it's finally finished, complete, finito, development locked.

So why the name change? Well, in the BWOverse, the GTVA became quite aggressive when it comes to integrating Shivan technology on it's new hardware. We want to show that visually, instead of telling you on a lousy forum post or command briefing. So the Persephone's design deviates a bit from the original GTF Banshee: there's some hints of "Shivanness" in it, and also, back then I saw fit to manipulate the ship's proportions and visual flow, to make it look more slender and belonging to a post-capella era of design.

And because you must be tired of reading, here's some pretties!

Sorry, no actual in-game screenshots. I'll save those for my next post, where the Persephone will face-off against the SCP's newest interceptor. ;)

I know it's pronounced per-siff-on-knee but I can never not read it as purse-a-phone :doubt:

I almost missed this ... looking sharp

Looks like a great ship.  Am I right in guessing it has an interceptor role?

You are correct, yes :)


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