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Been working on this jointop with Raven for a while, it's a really large fleet carrier.

Raven did the hull and the arms (more recently than the body). I've done the bottom spire + assembly behind it. Current areas I've made/working on are the bridge, spine, and hangarbay/docking area. Bridge is more recent and hangarbay/spine are heavy WiP while the bottom spire is finished. Right now it's basically about bringing the model up to snuff, parts have been being remodeled pretty steadily the past year, such as the arms, spire, bridge, spine, and hangarbay area.


General Battuta:
Holy ****balls that's gorgeous. Gorgeous.

If this campaign doesn't ship I'm going to weep.

Looks awesome :yes:
Bigger than Orion?


--- Quote from: tomimaki on November 28, 2015, 02:43:42 pm ---Looks awesome :yes:
Bigger than Orion?

--- End quote ---

Much bigger, it's 3km long. That doesn't mean it's super powerful though. You'll notice that it had a lot of empty space. Think of it as a better armed Arcadia, with heavier weaponry and engines.


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