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Release: Between The Ashes [UPDATED 5th of April 2024]

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BtA: Slaves of Chaos Updated to 1.9.0
Now includes the Chapter 2 prologue, Antwerp, and DefCynodont119's BtA-ified Operation Templar!

Between the Ashes: Slaves of Chaos Remastered
March 19, 2024

Today we are releasing Between the Ashes: Slaves of Chaos Remastered! This is a major upgrade to the original Between the Ashes with improvements spanning from the user interface to the modpack and even the original missions themselves. A summarized changelog is below. This release marks a major milestone for BtA2 development; the modpack is complete. In fact this is less of an upgrade of BtA1 as much as it is a release of BtA2 without BtA2's mission files. This release will also serve as a bit of an open Beta Test of the entirely revamped UI built from the ground up using SCPUI. If you run into issues or have bugs to report, you can catch us on our Discord Server or submit them to our Trello board using the form found here.

Worth mentioning that we've created a system to track various player choices across campaigns.. such as if a certain antagonist escapes or not. These choices may or may not be reflected in future releases.  :nervous:

Campaigns included:

--Having been discharged from military service within the GTA, you are now flying for the biggest paycheck. Your next job might be more sinister than it seems...

Slaves of Chaos
--We defeated the Shivans but it wasn't without loss. Our world is gone and we are left in confusion. Where do we go from here? Who do we trust? We stand in the rubble and yet we must learn to how to survive when the Destroyers return.

Fly as a GTA pilot serving under Admiral Po aboard the GTD Intrepid. You helped defeat the Shivans, you chose the right side during the GTI Rebellion, and now your skill has awarded you a squad position assigned to the wasteland of Antares. Your job is to be a simple peace-keeping force in a system that's a melting pot of Terrans and Vasudans.. both good, and bad. But when your early patrol is hit by cunning smugglers, you'll follow some threads that lead to an unexpected enemy... one that out-matches even the Admiral.

--Roughly three years have passed since the events in Antares. As a pilot with the 47th Cutthroats stationed on the Intrepid, you will perform a strategic role in the destruction of a major Hammer of Light target.

Operation Templar
--Operation Templar, a Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance endeavor, hunts down the last remnants of the Hammer of Light.  Shortly after the GTVA's plan to eradicate the HoL becomes known, The rebels stage a desperate last stand, hijacking a Vasudan destroyer and taking hostages.

A Note From Mjn-

I am excited to finally release Between the Ashes: Slaves of Chaos! This project began as an exercise for me to learn FRED and with the help of many others, it became something better than I ever hoped. There's a whole list of guys around HLP that put up with me and my questions over the years.. and I owe more than one of them quite a few favors! Those guys are in addition to the actual team listed below who put in many hours to get this all put together. Believe me when I tell you, this was a team effort.. not an Mjn.Mixael effort.. and I really hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, to the best of my ability, all the mod assets are credited properly in the credits.tbl. So if you are going to ransack the modpack (and I know you are!), just be sure to give proper credit. After that, take whatever you need, no need to ask. Go forth and make more campaigns, for that is the true lifeblood of HLP!

Feel free to join #bta on the Hard-Light Discord for discussion/support.

[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:

Click below to get started. The latest revision is 1.2.0.

Team & Testers
Admiral MS - Script God, Mission Destroyer
CommanderDJ - Writer, Kalev Ehin Articles
IronBeer - OK Fine He'll FRED
MatthTheGeek - Modpack Extraordinaire
MjnMixael - Project Lead
Lepanto - General Staff, Consistency Checking
Lorric - Writer, General Stuff
RgaNoris - Le WUT
SDM - Testing, Grammar, & General Shenanigans
Slasher - Speed FRED
Snail - Critical Critique

Admiral MS

Known Issues:

* None currently!

* Please report bugs.

Voice Cast List

Acid - Andrew Holmes
Aquarius 1 - Cliff Thompson
Claymore 1 - S.R. Davies
Emerald 1 - Natenator77
Freki 1 - Cliff Thompson
Gavel - Josh Griffiths
GTC Ute - Natenator77
Guernica - Cliff Thompson
Gulnara Research - Radio Darren
Heist Commander - Mike Hall
Kavinksy 2 - Michael "LoneWolf271" Northmore
Liquilade - Natenator77
Mako - Cliff Thompson
OVERWATCH - Joseph Vilardo
Saber 1 - Joel Deakin
Sarwan Janaan - S.R. Davies
Seeker - Anthony "IronBeer" Kisucky
Slice - Holly Linden
Stoic Indifference - Radio Darren
Zabiela - Joel Deakin

-Slaves of Chaos-
Admiral Po - Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja
AFC Dvorak - Archer Irwin Krantz
AFGs Antarian Ranger - Omri Rose
AFGs Convergence - Caitlin Buckley
Alpha 1 (Yuma Station) - Eric Ilada @MocaShakaKahn
Ancha 1 -  - Michael "LoneWolf271" Northmore
Angel 3 - Kym Payne
Antares Station - Caitlin Buckley
Antarian Spirit - Chris Perks
Chi 1 - Morgenstern
Chi 2 - Azile0
Civilian Hostage - AiVA
Command - James L. Collymore
Commander Rai - Heather Nyhart
Convo Voice 1 - Mike Hall
Convo Voice 2 - AliasJay [email protected]
Convo Voice 3 - Michael "LoneWolf271" Northmore
Convo Voice 4 - Leo Virolainen
Convo Voice 5 - Philip A. Jones
Echelon 1 - Tom Doughty
Echelon 2 -Alex Turner
Echelon 3 - Finn M-K
Echelon 4 - Vincent van Omen
Encarnacion - Holly Lindin
Ensign Navarre - Rock Erekson
Failure Condition Debrief Officer - Finn M-K
Gederhall 1 - Mike Hall
Gederhall 4 - Philip A. Jones
Gederhall 5 - Riese Meyers
Gederhall X - Adam Edlund
Gederhall X - Happyfaec
Gederhall X - Will "MageKing17" Howard
GTA-501b-661 - Jonel Cordero
GTA-820a-102 - Cary Reese
GTA-985g-200 - Tuong Klein
GTC Algerien - Will "MageKing17" Howard
GTC Cadiz - Katharine Taylor
GTC Duquesne - Adam Edlund
GTC Intervention - Omri Rose
GTC Rakyat - Omri Rose
GTC Senegalis - Chris Perks
GTC Tunisien - Isco Ortiz
GTC Tunisien (m2_01) - Omri Rose
GTC Zeitgiest - Justin "Durandal" Hopkins
GTD Intrepid Commander - Warren Blackie
GTM Roemer - Kym Payne
GTS Camden - AiVA
GTSC Trafalgar - Joey Martin
GTSC Tully - Morgenstern
GTT Graham - Archer Irwin Krantz
GTT Kesey - AliasJay [email protected]
GTT Parks - Adam Edlund
GTT Wilson - Michael "LoneWolf271" Northmore
Hastings Depot - Cary Reese
Hexamere 1 - Will "MageKing17" Howard
Kraken Station - Cary Reese
Lambda (m3_01) - Riese Meyers
Li Xi - Holly Lindin
Lt. Maria - Holly Lindin
Lt. McGivers - Strangest Amethyst
Major Predeha - AliasJay [email protected]
Masada Control - Nichole Brogen
Midwinter Station - Philip A. Jones
Omega (m2_09L, m3_01) - Philip A. Jones
Omega 1 - Katharine Taylor
Omega 2 - Kym Payne
Phi 1 (m3_01) - Riese Meyers
Phi 2 (m3_01) - Chris Perks
Phi 3  (m3_01) - Justin "Durandal" Hopkins
Psi/Phi Leader - Joey Martin
Punctual - Riese Meyers
Recovery 1 - Jonel Cordero
Recovery 2 - Joey Martin
Rohini 1 - Omri Rose
Salurius - Michael "LoneWolf271" Northmore
SAPAD 1 - Heather Nyhart
Seeker - Anthony "IronBeer" Kisucky
Slice - Holly Lindin
SS Majestic - AliasJay [email protected]
SS St. Lo - Adam Edlund
Terran Support - Archer Irwin Krantz
TT Benedict - Cary Reese
TT Gergen - AiVA
TT Gripsholm - Tuong Klein
Vasudan Translator - Cliff Thompson
Vengeance 1 - Rodo
Vice Admiral Tighe - Cliff Thompson
Vizier - Adam Edlund
Wingman 1 - Jay Silver
Wingman 2 - Caitlin Buckley
Wingman 3 - Cygnus
Wingman 4 - Will "MageKing17" Howard
Wingman 5 - Nathan Wall
Wingman 8 - Erin Macdonald
Wingman 9 - J.P. Hagan
Wingman 10 - Joey Martin
Wingman 11 - Hayden Tessman
Wingman 12 - Joseph Beacham
Wingman 13 - Adam Smith

Admiral Po - Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja
Captain Varner - Eric Umstott -
Command - Rayson Martyn
GTC Scepter - JRoyalVA
GTC Bunker Hill - Maria Micklasavage -
GTD Intrepid Commander - Warren Blackie
GTD Nereid - Mark Lee -
GTFr Titan - Ian Kovich
Lieutenant Esha - Jordan Scherer
Vasudan Translator - Cliff Thompson
Wingman 1 - Jay Silver
Wingman 2 - Caitlin Buckley
Wingman 4 - Will "MageKing17" Howard
Wingman 5 - Nathan Wall
Wingman 8 - Erin Macdonald
Wingman 9 - J.P. Hagan
Wingman 25 - Nolan Tashjian

-Operation Templar-
All Voices Unless Specified - Freespace 2 Credited Actors
Command - Roger Cooper
Command Briefing - Casey Pappas -
Briefing/Debriefing - Elle Osili-Wood -
GTC Impunity - Andy Lambrianidis
Wingman 26 - Alexandra Tricamo
Wingman 27 - NonsensicalThings

BTA1_Root received a small update. You can download that now with the links above or use the installer.

I'll release the rest of the campaign files around 1pm GMT on 10/25/2016.

Full downloads are now live!

BTA1_Core.vp hotfix uploaded. Fixes a small number of mission bugs, adds a forgotten bit to the credits.tbl, and renames a mission file to be more clear what it's for.

Download the file above or re-run the installer to update automatically.


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