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For the mission Groundhog Day, the lead indicator for the artillery is black. This is impossible to see in space.

This is for BTA 1.7.4

This is likely related to an engine change. We're working on a solution.

solution found! the fix for the lead indicator color in groundhog day will be in the next update.  :D

Wanted to report that dark artillery crosshair but it looks like you've got it already covered.
Also checkpoints and intro skipping seem to be ill in v1.7.4. When used, player ends in offside. Far far away from all events. It looks like engine doesn't respawn it in correct area.
One more issue. Going Out With a Bang mission crashes with a bang. It looks like that issue strikes back.
Otherwise I enjoyed every mission. BtA is really a masterpiece:-)
Nice touch with that font size multiplier. It helps a lot for 4k screens. Radio messages during the play still could be bigger, however with the voice acting (perfect btw) it's not a big deal.


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