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So, as mentioned in a previous topic, here's the remastered Demo (or rather, its current state). Keep in mind that it wasn't 100% complete, but it should be all playable.
In the package you will find the remastered Demo missions, new interface art, backgrounds, the HTL GVI Cairo, and HTL GTFf Saphah.

Credits (the ones I know, at least. If I'm missing anyone just post claiming credit :) ):
- Remastered Missions: Spoon
- GVI Cairo: Model - Bobboau, Raven2001; Textures - Oddgrim; Conversion - Droid803
- GTFf Saphah: Model Modifications (from HTL Iceni) - Raven2001; Textures - Raven2001; Conversion - Droid803
- Interface Art - Blackdove

Get it here:


Just find it in Knossos :P

Cool, got it! :) I'll play it ASAP. :nod:

All the credit for the demo actually having good missions goes to Spoon, as he had to work under very tight constraints that the voice acting provided.

I can only apologize for the interface art, but the default was somewhat stale and indistinctive.

So, completed :)

Pretty thing all in all; I'd recommend to play it. 1 or 2 small bugs are in, but nothing really show stopping. I think it's fine, given the interruptions that happened during development. I can give detailed feedback in case that it might be useful at some future point. :)

Go right ahead!


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