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What you mention would be handy but out of scope for what the script was designed for, which is a very simple intersystem jump script system that just automates the tedious sexps I got tired of writing. What you want to do might be possible with scripts right now... maybe (with ugly hacks or other ugly things), but I think anything advanced like that would be best served by being implemented in the game itself.

Well it was an attempt. :)

BTW, when do you upload the rest of your scripts to GitHub? Searching this board for scripts is a waste of time aside this single thread, with most of the other things just being broken or chaotical spread over several pages.

There was been a bit of brainstorming in collecting all the modern scripts, like Axem's, the ship-save script, and custom wingmen/mission rols script (shameless plug). It would definitely be nice to have a one-stop shop for them.

Yeah, that was the idea, but nothing came out of it so far.

Yeah, in talking with ngld he said a Knossos mod might be most useful, because then the modders wouldn't even have to worry about manually updating the scripts, their mods would just require the script mod.


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