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Reminiscing: A WoD Tale

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Now I wish I had a nice little story written up, on some floral stationary. Buuut I don't... raincheck!

I haven't been around in ages but stopped in on a few threads here and there, and managed to end up in the Forum Game archives. And damn it makes me happy to see those, the turns, the videos (gosh those videos <3), and to think of the fun and frustration we had during them.

So while we all might be a good four years older and wiser, four years of ups and downs. These memories and the ability to reminisce really make everything melt away.


I liked the games, wanted to share that damn it was fun and these several years later, makes me so incredibly happy to look back on them. When is the next game starting?  :beamz:

Spoiler:Love your work Spoon, it's about time I updated my files and took WoD for another spin

I am running a forum game that you might be interested in. Look in the Arts and Talents forum.

I've gone back into the old forum game threads numerous times since it ended. I'm sure I'll continue to do so. :)

Glad to hear the game left a few good memories.

Technically I don't really have any excuse for not starting forum game. Before it was because I just wanted to concentrate all my creative energy on finishing episode 2 and well, that's done now, so.
I guess the question is more if there is still any interest, HLP overall has slowed down a lot over these past few years.

You don't necessarily need as many players as you've had before. For instance I'm sure I'd be able to run the CRF all by myself if that's what it took. But since Veers made the thread, I'm guessing I'd have at least one fellow CRF player with me. But all being well I'll be in if you do the next game. :)


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