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So I lied and never played with these over my birthday weekend...  :(

But I've changed the UGC to include the Megacorp dlc.

United Guilds of Commerce
Starting Government:
 - Corporation (Administrative capacity +20, Empire Sprawl Penalty +50%)
Starting Ethics:
 - Fanatically Materialist
 - Egalitarian
Starting Civics:
- Franchising (effect of Subsidiary Subject Pwr on relations reduced by 33%, Impact of Branch Offices on Empire sprawl decreased by 25%)
- Free Traders (Trade Value +10%, Branch Office Value +10%)

With those settings, could also do:
Brand Loyalty - Monthly Unity +15%
Criminal Heritage - Cannot join federations or commercial pacts, can build branch offices on planets of regular empires with no war or active truce, crime on branch office planets increases branch value, can built special crime increasing corporate buildings.

Media Conglomerate - War Exhaustion gain -5%, Citizen Pop Happiness +5%
Private Prospectors - Private colony ship, Adminstrative Cap +10
Ruthless Competition - Leader level cap +1, Leader Experience gain +10%
Trading Posts - Starbase capacity +4

And these 4 are unavailable:

Gospel of the Masses - Spiritualist pops give additional trade value on all planets and branch offices, can built Temple of Prosperity, Spiritual Ethics attraction +50%. Requires some degree of Spiritualist ethic
Indentured Assets - Slave output +10%, Enslaved pop ratio 40%. Requires some degree of Authoritarian.
Naval Contractors - Naval Capacity +15%. Requires some degree of Militarist
Private Military Companies - Army Damage +20%, Army Upkeep -20%. Requires some degree of Militarist.


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