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A bigger crash issue (and a couple smaller ones)


On the mission with the Nordera flagship, the game crashed multiple times at the end of the torpedo barrage. Right as I was blowing up the last torps. Obviously no checkpoint, so was quite off putting. Did manage to get through it in the end. Not sure what the trigger for crashing was. This was a few weeks ago. Fast debug does not work. And WoD crashes most of the time when exiting it. Which doesn't really matter. Is there a reason for these? Also, in the mission where you get to pick whether you save Snarky or the Ray Mk III Mercenary, it didn't register correctly. I picked Snarky, then changed my mind, restarted with Ray, later in the storyline Tempest thanks me for saving Snarky. This is minor, wonder if it is a known issue. Otherwise all seemed really well polished.

This is what happens with fast debug:

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

The message from Fast Debug is just a warning. You can click on "continue" to... continue to play until you trigger the crash. Then you should be able to post the debug log, I'm pretty sure there's a link in Knossos to upload it so others can check what might be causing the crash.

After screwing around with the toolbar and a few more error messages, I could actually get it running. Will return later with the log. If I can recreate said issue. Thx.


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