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Voice Acting: The Battle of Neptune

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Dilmah G:
Tired of trying to speed read dialogue while dodging two Kentaurois? Have you been in danger of being left behind in the departure because you missed Meridian Tactical’s lines? Or do you just plain like a good old-fashioned voice acted mission? This thread is for you.

In an effort to make the mission a bit less #wallsoftext and more #Ihearthescreamsofalliedbomberpilotsinmydreams, I’ve decided to give voice acting The Battle of Neptune a crack.
Context: The Battle of Neptune is a fan-made mission set immediately after the events of Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius. It tells the story of the first major engagement between the GTVA and the UEF – from the Terran perspective. It takes its influence heavily from War in Heaven, as well as the genre of military fiction. NATO Brevity Code has been adapted to Freespace and features heavily throughout most of the dialogue. If this is new to you, I highly recommend giving this a read, or potentially just watch this, just to get an idea of how it usually sounds. Alternatively, if you just watch this scene from Battlestar Galactica, you’re about 99.5% of the way there. I also recommend giving the mission a go to get a feel for the general vibe.

Auditioning: If you’re interested, record as many or as few of the audition lines below as you wish. Please send them with the role(s) you’re applying for in the subject line to tev 5 ever @ gmail . com. Obviously without the spaces. Bonus points for Tev sympathisers.

If you're self conscious about how you sound, I get that, and I understand. But I assure you that everyone hates the sound of their own voice, and I'm sure you're about 50x better than what you think! And I'm more than happy to take the time to give detailed feedback and do a few takes if required.

If you end up getting cast in a particular role(s), I’ll send you the full breakdown of lines with guidance for each of them, with some further instructions if required. Alternatively if I think you’d suit another role better based on how you sound, I’ll give you feedback to that effect. Please indicate your preference for which minor character you’d like to voice if applicable.

There are 54(!) roles in total, of which 13 are major roles, and the remainder are minor roles. Given the number of minor roles, I’ve only posted a handful of lines. I'm using minor/major in this context to refer to the narrative importance of the roles as opposed to number of lines (it's only one mission after all!). Meridian Tac and Alpha 1 are the only roles with more than 10 lines.Main Roles

Admiral Cyrus Severanti Cast as DizzyKoop
CO of the GTD Meridian, GTVA 13th Battlegroup
Male, 40s

The Battlegroup has just emerged from subspace in front of Neptune HQ. The UEF are outgunned and virtually surrounded. Severanti requests the surrender of the station from its commander, Commodore Hadi. Severanti, whilst measured, is bold and confident in his tone – befitting a professional senior officer on the verge of a career-defining battle.

“Normandy Station, this is Admiral Cyrus Severanti of the Meridian, Commanding Officer of the GTVA 13th Battlegroup. Surrender your station and prepare to be boarded.”

“You are outnumbered and outgunned. Do you want to be remembered as the man who started a massacre, Commodore Hadi?”

Mid-battle, Severanti’s flagship has begun to take damage from UEF gunship assaults. A veteran of many battles prior, he is beginning to feel the stress of combat but retains his resolve. He speaks confidently and firmly to his crew as missiles impact the hull.

“This is Rock. Hull integrity has fallen to 75%. DAMCON: surge treatment teams to gunnery control and the flight deck. I want our beams fully operational.”

The battle has become fierce and defeat is near for Severanti. He is beginning to lose his cool and begins to raise his voice to be heard over the chaos of wounded staff and a rapidly deteriorating vessel.

“Hull integrity has fallen to critical! Tactical, bring that air wing in tight! Gunnery control: target matrix RED is now in effect, self-defence targets only!”

“Break, break, break! All callsigns, this is Rock. Recover fighter wings immediately and standby for crash jump in 60 seconds. Destination: Sol node. Report when ready!”

Commodore Emaddin Hadi Cast as Renegade Paladin
CO of Neptune HQ
Male, 40s.

The GTVA Battlegroup has just emerged from subspace in front of Neptune HQ. The UEF are outgunned and virtually surrounded. Severanti requests the surrender of the station from its commander, Commodore Hadi. Hadi, a veteran officer, speaks with defiant calm as he steels his forces against the imminent battle.

Hadi: “This is Commodore Emaddin Hadi of the United Earth Federation. I have considered your terms, and respectfully decline.”

Severanti responds with “You are outnumbered and outgunned. Do you want to be remembered as the man who started a massacre, Commodore Hadi?”

Hadi: “No Admiral, I want to be remembered as the man who stopped one. Commodore Hadi, out.”

Meridian Tactical Cast as Nicolle Zambrano
Air Battle Manager/Controller aboard Meridian who is coordinating fighter/bomber operations.
Female, 20s/30s.

Uses an authoritative tone and clear delivery to communicate important information to the player. Shows limited emotional range; archetypal “Command” persona.

“Contact! Fighter wings - spec: unknown, 0-9-0, range: 6. Hot, hostile!”

“Tactical, roger. CAG has authorised deployment of the 591st. Suggest remaining within the flagship's engagement area until they launch.”

“All callsigns, this is Meridian Tactical. BLUFOR casualties across the battlegroup now read in vicinity of 25%. Rock is currently assessing the force ratios required to continue the mission. Please standby.”

Captain Robin O’Neill, CO GTCv Nakatomi Cast as Emma Thorne
CO of one of the Meridian’s flanking corvettes.
Female, 30s/40s.

Captain O’Neill maintains a calm, determined demeanour as the battle slowly goes awry. Feels the pressure of mounting casualties and a slowly deteriorating ship, with anger and frustration penetrating her calm voice as the ship continues fighting. Breaks her calm when the Arabella is destroyed.

“Rock, Captain Robin O'Neil. Reporting 75% damage to my vessel. Still fully-functional, still on task, out.”

“Nakatomi, hull integrity 25%. Reading multiple system failures across the board. I've re-routed power to guns and triage is holding. This callsign is still on task, out.”

“The Arabella is down, the Arabella is down! We've got casualties on all decks and multiple compartments open to space - suggest we withdraw NOW, Sir!”

Captain William Iftikhar, CO GTCv Arabella Cast as Iain Baker
CO of one of the Meridian’s flanking corvettes.
Male, 30s/40s.

Captain Iftikhar begins the battle in an agitated state as his vessel immediately becomes the target of UEF gunship and cruiser squadrons. He fights a losing battle throughout as his vessel becomes damaged heavily and ultimately destroyed in a coordinated Federal gunship and bomber strike. His tone becomes increasingly distressed as he begs for additional fighter and bomber support as cannon rounds and torpedoes impact his hull.

“This is the Arabella, casemate armour on the bow just culminated. The bridge is still functioning but my power grid is spiking!”

“This is Captain Iftikhar, I've got a complete destruction of casemate armour on the bow and all through the starboard side. Our situation here is poor!”

“This is the GTCv Arabella: may day, may day, may day! The destruction of my vessel is imminent, we require immediate fighter support, now!”

Captain Dinil Mallick, CO UEFg Theodocia Cast as Lionheart
CO of UEF Frigate that arrives in response to Neptune’s distress call.
Male, 30s/40s.

Captain Mallick arrives with a Cruiser Squadron and a large fighter escort, hoping to be the reinforcements that save Neptune. Not knowing the strengths of the opposing vessels, he is inspiringly confident. Meets his demise from a bomb that penetrates the magazine before exploding, igniting the ammunition reserves of the vessel and destroying it inside out.

“Neptune, this is Captain Dinil Mallick here - now on station. We have your target. Gunnery control: H-E-D-P, load!”

“We've got a UXB in the magazine! Get EOD down to deck 6, now!”

“Holy ****! Abandon ship, abandon ship now!”

CO GTCv Nova Cast as Grady Grey
CO of Diomedes corvette. Commands assault group that executes a feint to the flank of the Meridian.
Female, 30s/40s.

Maintains a calm and professional demeanour throughout. A trustworthy corvette captain, she is cool and collected when she speaks.

“This is Assault Group: Nova, Relentless has been destroyed. Now occupying fire support position as fragged.”

“Nova, roger. We'll move into flank security. DAMCON: commence field repairs on decks 9 and 12. All other stations: condition 1 remains extant.”

Captain Stephanie Merino, CAG GTD Meridian Cast as Shirin Maeve
Air Group Commander aboard the Meridian. Veteran pilot who delivers the player’s debrief.
Female, 30s/40s.

Captain Merino has made her way down to the flightdeck as her pilots land aboard the Meridian to debrief them. She is older and with the wisdom of significant combat experience, speaks confidently without being brash. She is the lead pilot aboard the Meridian and the one with the most responsibility.

“For those of you who've just posted in, I'm Captain Stephanie Merino, currently serving as the CAG. I wish we could've met under better circumstances, but meeting on the flightdeck is often the way of things, and certainly the way in war.

Today has been a costly day for the Meridian. The 501st took 30 casualties alone, with the 532nd losing 10, with 4 MIA. The 591st, the 545th, and the 312 all took heavy casualties as well. Every death is a tragedy, and it is one that we'll mourn in time. Spare a thought for each of them as you walk past their landing bays, and see the empty chairs in the Wardroom tonight.”

Alpha 1 – Commander Jakub Gryffon. Cast as Colonol Dekker

Alpha 2 – Ensign Ava Zadzisai Cast as Jordan Scherer (thanks Rhymes!)
Young Alliance pilot on her first tour with the fleet. Filled with the enthusiasm of a new combat pilot, she also has the naivete of a soldier who has never seen combat before.
Female, 20s.

“Alpha 2's in! Master arm: on!”

A Wing Leader flippantly talks about the death of a subordinate pilot after a battle. Zadzisai is indignant in her response to the devaluing of human life.
Alpha 2: “That’s what happens”? A pilot just got shot down and killed and you're going to talk about him like he made a mistake by dying, Sir?

“Virgo splashed! They were damn quick, what the hell were those things? They look Shivan!”

Beta 1 – Commander Reiji Nash Cast as Renegade Paladin
Veteran fighter pilot who witnessed one of the most catastrophic losses in human life as a young pilot on his first tour. Serves as XO of the player’s squadron and close friend of the CO. Has become jaded by loss and accepts the reality of mass deaths somewhat too easily.
Male, 30s/40s.

“Beta 1, tally visual! Press! Follow me in Beta, fangs out!”

“Get back in your ****ing box, nugget. We'll see just how much of a **** you give after about a week of this. You know how long the average Alliance pilot flew for in Capella? 96 hours.”

Indignant that the junior pilots have seemingly let his best friend die.
“Jakob! Jakob! Speargun 1-1, say again your last! ****! You ****ing nuggets! Where the **** are you?!”

Skull Kappa 1
Special Operations pilot conducting deep reconnaissance. Has been on station for a number of hours. Quiet and cool.

“Rock, this is Skull 4-1. SPOTREP: Movement from CruRon Alpha. Assess that vessels are moving into engagement distance now.”

“This is Skull 4-1, our long-range sensors are showing a clean picture. No inbound vessels or light craft at this time.”

“This is Skull 4-1, we're picking up some sweep jamming. Now blind on long range sensors. Triangulating source, standby.”

Enfield Epsilon 1 Cast. Credit details TBC
GTVA Squadron Leader. Squadron arrives to reinforce the player’s squadron just prior to final battle.
Female, 30s.

“Meridian Tactical, this is Enfield 5-1, clear of the deck! Tally on multiple bad guys, turning hot for the merge!”

“Holy ****, that's multiple squadrons coming right for us! Epsilon, go line abreast! Guns, guns, guns!”

Minor Roles

13x GTVA Bomber Pilots (501st Tridents and the 77th Strike Squadron). 5x Cast
Male/Female, 20s/30s.

“Trident 2-1, now on station. Targeting CruRon Bravo now. Kappa Wing, set master arm: on. Engage cyclops double-fire mode!”

“Holy ****, friendly down! Where the **** is our fighter cover?!”

“Gamma Wing, our target is the Dianthus. Set master arm: on, engage cyclops double-fire mode. Fighter pilots make movies, bomber pilots make history, Trident!” Female only.

13x UEF Pilots. 5x Cast
Male/Female, 20s/30s.

“This is Theta 2, my wing just got cut to pieces! Lead's down! They're all gone! Every single one of them!”

“Jaws, tally 1 visual, on my nose! Danny, bracket with me!”

“Tally bandits...padlocked! Good tone, fox three!”

“Desperta Ferro! Let's go Wargods! Launch, launch - paveways away!”

4x GTVA Ares Pilots (591st Flare Riders). 1x Cast
Male/Female, 20s/30s.

“Meridian Tac, this is Rider 1-1, checking in as fragged. Callsign of four Ares heavies; two banks Trebuchet. What's your tasking?”

“Rider 1-1, fox 1, ripple!”

4x GTVA Perseus Pilot (545th Kukris). Death messages 1x Cast
Male/Female, 20s/30s.

“Epsilon 4, may day, may day, may day, I'm going down!”

“This is the XO, I'm punching out!”

CO 1st Marine Regiment
Female, 30s/40s.

“Meridian, this is Cold Steel 6. My Regiment has finished boarding the transports and are ready to jump. What's the ETA to phase 3, over?”

1x GTVA Myrmidon Pilot (75th Vigilantes). Cast as Lafiel
Male/Female, 20s/30s.

“This is Thunder 3-2, rebel fighters have cut the squadron to shreds! RTB! RTB! Separating now!”

CO UEC Adelaide Cast as LoneWolf271
Male/Female, 30s/40s.

“This is the bridge, executing last ditch drill now! Gunnery control: battle carry HEAP rounds on cannon 2 and standby! Let's show them how the best CruRon in the fleet does battle drills!”

3x GTVA Kulas Pilots (532nd Mustangs) 1x Cast
Male/Female, 20s/30s.

“I want this formation nice and loose Mustang, let's play it just like an ol' VEGADEX! Stay in your pairs and keep communicating - always look for work. Let's ride the lightning Delta Wing!”

“Get out of there Delta 1, eject, eject! Tactical, this is Mustang Theta, we just lost Delta Wing! Scramble S-A-R, we have pilots in space, you assholes!”

1x GTVA Crew Chief Cast as perihelion
Male/Female, 20s.

“Damn boss, you gave this thing a beating! Frankie, get another tube of sealant! We'll have you out there in no time.”

“Okay, mag lock secure. Commencing armour repair sequence now. We'll rig you up another SATCOM antenna as well, Sir, that thing is cactus!”

Iain Baker:
Hi there!

In theory I would be happy to help, but my mic is crap - its the integrated one with my equally crap 720p web cam. I'm hoping to upgrade to something better once I have some spa cash to do so.

In the meantime there is something you can do which should work as a stop-gap solution. Change all the in mission dialogues to have the +Wave Name: emptymsg.wav prefix thingy. This will turn off the static blips that indicate speech and allow the player's Text To Speech software to narrate it, as it will likely be doing already for briefings etc. (At least on Windows PC, it may not work as well for Linux). It's not as good as proper voice acting, but it is an improvement over having to try to read the text in-mission, and should be an easy fix, since it is a simple copy n' paste over the existing prefix thingy.

Hope this helps.   :)

I'd like to call dibs on Skull Kappa 1. Will have auditioning lines ready by next week if that's alright.

Colonol Dekker:

--- Quote from: Iain Baker on January 23, 2021, 05:59:39 am ---Hi there!

In theory I would be happy to help, but my mic is crap -

--- End quote ---

Don't let it put you off, my age of aquarius lines were recorded on a 6 quid clip-mic that was probably 5 years old at the time.

Have fun with the lines and pretend you're out there shooting stuff down or taking fire, saving your comrades or watching them burn.

Own them, and you'll feel great.

Iain Baker:

--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on January 23, 2021, 11:26:22 am ---
--- Quote from: Iain Baker on January 23, 2021, 05:59:39 am ---Hi there!

In theory I would be happy to help, but my mic is crap -

--- End quote ---

Don't let it put you off, my age of aquarius lines were recorded on a 6 quid clip-mic that was probably 5 years old at the time.

Have fun with the lines and pretend you're out there shooting stuff down or taking fire, saving your comrades or watching them burn.

Own them, and you'll feel great.

--- End quote ---

Funnily enough, I was playing that yesterday. "That was for Earth!"


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