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Iain Baker:
If you need help proofreading let me know, I have done it for loads of campaigns now and I can usually get it done quickly  :yes:

Aftermath Reboot was a very underrated mod, and I liked how it ended with the defeat of the Shivans.   It is the only mod so far where I was left feeling like I had ended the threat of the Shivans, something I had wanted since completing the original FS2 campaign back in 2015

Sometimes mods provide me fun with deep story, sometimes with cool assets, sometimes with gags... And sometimes with just lots of dakka and a healthy dose of both intentional and unintentional absurd :].

And you know what, man? That's actually what this community needed. AFR is the Duke Nukem of the HLP - full badass power fantasy in it's purest form, that provides pure enjoyment with arsenal of overpowered weapons, insane kill counts and ridiculously funny chatters. It has just the right balance between epic and silly. It has it's niche on HLP it's reigning in, it contributed a lot to HLP culture and made lots of people here smile by it's occasional goofiness :P.

You put tremendous efforts into project you wanted to provide us entertainment with... And I think you just succeeded in this regard, man.

Thanks Herkie for letting me work with you on AFR and TBG.

AFR is one of my favorite campaigns.  It was fun.  A campaign can be 'deep' and fun, or a campaign's story can be more 'simple' and fun...but the important thing is that people enjoy it and want to play it.  IMO that was certainly accomplished with AFR.  Tech-wise it was a great achievement too; not too many people these days are releasing even short campaigns but you basically by yourself released one of the biggest single campaigns in HLP history (I think it is second only to Novachen's "Revenge:  Final Conflict") and the fact that there was very few game errors is also excellent.

I would also encourage people to at least try TBG.  Updates have made it better than the original release.


--- Quote from: redmagejoe on July 14, 2022, 12:08:10 pm ---Despite any impression I may have given, I have really enjoyed your work, Herkie. I'm happy that you were able to poor your heart and soul into something creative to share with the rest of the world before your retirement.

--- End quote ---

Thank you, Joe. That really touched me, man. I am glad you are enjoying AFR. The campaign was intentionally made for pure blasting fun and power tripping. It only has a simple story which is basically a war campaign.

All the briefing banters and the in-game dialogues are just the point of view of the characters; the GTVA High Command, Admiral Cartwright, the COs, and the pilots. I tried to depict them as foolishly arrogant, over-confident and sometimes downright incompetent. Looks I like got the correct response from players but they saw it as writing flaws on my part. Well, I took a risk in this method of story-telling. Even the corny jokes and puns are intentional. I just have break through the barrier of Grammatical Errors.

In truth, I don't shy away from criticism. When I receive criticisms, I laugh but not at the critics. I laugh at myself  then I treat those critic comments as guides to improve things. Except for the things I intended to convey. Example: Richter mass-murdering civilians then talks about innocents (your reaction, Joe, was spot on). It's his character, he doesn't like killing people but it's his merc contract. He seem to have no qualms about morality but he is very conflicted deep inside which reflects the tone of his diary. However, he was guided by the "whisper" in his mind... The Blue Guardian. The entity that set Richter straight to the right path and letting him come into terms within himself... oof, I am digressing... Anyway, thanks again, Joe for playing AFR. Many thanks.

I say this to HLP: Rock on! Pour your heart and soul into your projects. Don't quit and keep on modding while you still can.  :)


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