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HLP Carl Pictures (64k users beware)

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Here we go.  Carl the Shivan arrived on Friday, just in time for BrickFair.  Galemp and CP5670 were there too, so we took Carl around and had some fun. :)

Shivan on a Plane:

Shivan on a Train:

Shivan on a Crane:

Shivan on a Spaceship:

Shivan on an Orion:

CP5670's Annihilator:

CP5670's Cosmic Enforcer:

CP5670's BT-163 Black Hole:

Goober5000's Portable Supernova:

The Final Horror:
(looks Shivan to me)

Look Behind You!

Giant Mech With Shivan:


Carl Junior:
(a separate model I got on my own; sized to minifig scale and standing on the monorail I brought)

BrickFair Banner:

The Group:
(left-to-right: Goober5000, Galemp (holding Carl), CP5670)



Someone needs to model "The Final Horror" and put it in a campaign.

* Hippo looks at his half done pepakura orion sadly


I do believe that's supposed to be an MS-06 Zaku II from Gundam...

And the Final Horror is obviously the result of too much tentacle porn. :nod:


--- Quote from: blackhole on August 31, 2008, 11:43:21 pm ---YOU'RE HUMAN?!?

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:eek2: OMG!!!


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