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Slippster Starpilot:
Hi  ;)
amazing work ! Archangel looks AWESOME.
as does awesome quality

Merry Christmas, and best wishes for all!
maybe ill load old skool tach again, and make an appearance!
i still have all the original mods and files that i hosted on Gaming Pix
i made it a point to collect EVERYTHING and have an archive on storage drive
maybe ill host the Christmas Tree map that was hugely popular

say hi to Raz for me?
God Bless

you guys ROCK! cya in space!

Have Fun! :)

I have a little question regarding the weapons sticking out of many models.
Will they be part of the actual model (ie fixed) or will they show the weapon model and thus change, depending on what you equip?

Hey slip... been a while. Actually I'd like it if you'd host the tree, I have a stash too of course. But you doing it might as well be traditional.

Norbert ...  most of Tachyon's in game weapons were represented by glows even though they had a tech model. We will be replicating that look... but with better graphics of course. As such the models on the fighters are mainly for show.

Perhaps in the future we will do a pass over some assets and improve them even more, but for now we want to get our core feel down right and get a basic demo out the door.

Slippster Starpilot:
well, DANGIT, forgot my user/pass to my router cant host w/o opening ports...soon as i get that squared away ill be able to host some of my most unusual maps,

i installed 36R, then nova server patch then Evolution 9, and i can play on your servers no problems.

so as soon as get my router fixed il serve some of my cool maps, like one i call Face 2 Face base wars ,
with both bases on top of each other in the same sector,  i have forgotten more than i remember, about modding maps
but while i was at it i think i did every idea i could think of, including putting crystals inside the roids,
 so it makes you actually "mine" for them!

hey do you have a working version of your FS mod that i could download and fly thru?

i have all  the Freespace games, and played thru each one, the flight model is a bit different,
 but once you get used to that, it rocks, the cap ship battles are fuggin epic!
FS is always one of my all time favorites, with Starlancer, and of course our home in space Tachyon The Fringe


Where do I get all of these lovely HD models?  ;)

Oh, is this for Tachyon or the Freespace mod? I'm confused...


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