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About MC1 for MCO: I am just putting the units and buildings into O1M3, and noone needs to worry the madcat A will still be there! ;)
I am currently working on getting the Uziel ready for MCO but once thats done I will finish O1M3 and get another one done (probably O1M4)

You know i typically would make my own maps in games that i play but i dont know how to use this editor for MC2 so if anyone can help that would be great.


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Well, for the start, simply launch it and play around with the terrain and objects. Technically it's like most editors, a mix between a drawing program and a virtual lego/playmobil playset.

Start building up a simple map, and try around. Then, once you reach a point where you cannot progress, just ask here. Feel free to create your own thread, I'm sure everyone will be happy to help. The editor is really easy to use and selfexplanary. The basic AI functions are already there, and just need to be linked to a unit and goals / paths are set with simple unique ID's or X-Y coordinates. The existing brainfiles cover quite a lot of functions.

Pls note our hints in the alphabuild release thread, you need XNA installed (part of it) to make the editor start. Have fun, and good luck ;)

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Tks star  ill give it a try again anyways, i ran into a problem with the editor crashing whenever i saved anything i guess its because i dont have that XNA build thing so will get ahold of it. And when its up and running ill try to do cermak =)


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Recognize this map anyone?


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the shape of the land reminds me of MC1 phase1 mission 2 or 3 where you have to locate the raven and extract it via a damned madcat jumping from that little island at the bottom
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Great that was the effect I was going for!

Speaking of which, I don't recall MC2 having destructible bridges...


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Speaking of which, I don't recall MC2 having destructible bridges...

it does, but you need a certain item ;)
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Ok... an update to MC1 remake,

Missions 2-6 of operation 1 are all done from a geographic point, not more editing of the height map, missions 3 and 6 just need scripting, missions 2, 4, 5 need units added then scripting, mission 1 is still in the height map stage

Hmm. How about Artillery? I know MC1 handles support rather differently. Same with the Fog of War, by the way. Since it is probably impossible to do a remake with exactly the same settings, how will the MC2 remake cater towards some of the features (such as scouting on top of the hills to reveal fog of war and everything that comes torugh it, an extremely important part of the game)


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There have been some compromises unfortunately, scouting for instance in MC2 was moved from a in-mission player skill to a mechwarrior skill with the sensors skill, I am a massive MC1 fan and it is sad to not be able to do a 100% remake but I hope at least that people wont notice so much the limitations because they will be enjoying the game play the bulk of which is extremely similar to the original game (in the few maps I have currently). Artillery... well I wont allow the artillery piece to be called in during missions and as for the lack of large air strikes in MC2 I will work it out through game testing what the correct balance is (hopefully), currently I am working a 2 for 1 policy where if a mission has a large strike available I replace it with two small MC2 airstrikes. This is not perfect because it ultimately leads to more air strikes for the player to place so play testing will be a big determining factor


Offline Karl

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Operation beachhead Mission 4


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Looking great Karl! I know it will be a long haul but hell I can't wait to play the original campagin in MC2 :)


Offline Karl

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Thanks Kurgis, yeah it will be a long haul but hopefully things will speed up once I have all the resources made and implemented (thanks to magic :)). I would be nice to have some more modellers so that I could step back and focus on getting the missions done but then again you got to get the work done aye...

Looking great!! Keep up the awesome work. Hope you get this campaign finished soon. Can't wait to play it!


Offline Karl

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Ok though work is slow it is coming together, thanks to Magic once again I have all the 30 missions done geographically, there is now a forest wall model that works (super thanks to magic it has been a long road, thought it looks like there is another trick up magics sleeve also regarding these forests), I have also modeled the majority of the mission MC1 buildings, there a still a few that are needed but there are also some that I cant be bothered with and will replace with something equivalent from the current MCO models. Another point to note is that I have a bucket load of UV and texture work as there are 22 MC1 models needing it...

Here is one!

New MCO model

Old MCG model


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Karl, like the others, I can't wait to replay MC1. Keep up the great work.


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Just read this thread- amazing work guys!


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Cheers guys there is more done but nothing massively significant. I am really waiting to have all the MC1 buildings finished and into MCO before making a big push to get the missions finished.

(its not that difficult to do the placement of assets in the missions but the scripting will probably take time)

Also with Ma.Din working on the textures of MCO there is now a growing need to push improvements to the models so that they are not crap compared to the ground textures (DAMN YOU MA.DIN!).

My time is being consumed!

Dont worry guys you will get MC1 on MCO at some stage :) :)