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Ah, seems my info is not here... yet.

Mauri "Darkblade" Majanoja

Accent: Finnish (Not as bad as Mika Hakkinen or Kimi Raikkonen accent :)), quite deep voice.

Past Experience?
Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line (The Monarch)
Derelict (Umm, Alpha 6, Atlantica, Beta 1, Clement etc etc.)
Boomerang, Cardinal Spear, Destiny of Peace, Echo Gate, FSPort, Phantoms (Mission briefing and debriefing voice)
The Babylon Project: Raider Wars (Leman Zurga, Raider Base)
The Babylon Project: Earth-Brakiri War (Starfury Pilot 1)
The Babylon Project: Earth-Minbari War Demo (EAS Stockholm, EAS Napoleon)
Babylon 5: I've Found Her (Omega 2, Hash)
and I've done voices for some Machinimas as well such as Half-Life 2: The Last, Team Corellia and Solsar Chronicles


The sample pack includes voices from released and unreleased projects.

Getter Robo G:
Why has an admin DELETED my samples?

Unless some procedure has changed is this NOT what the forum is for???

What are the NEW rules/proceedures???

Post attachments are automatically deleted when the total number of attachments across the forums exceed a certain size.  It wasn't a specific admin action toward those files.  For posts in this form to be useful, I'd suggest a more permanent hosting method.

i'd reccomend that links to my stuff be removed, since they're down for... year an a half now

Getter Robo G:
Serious suggestion to solve the VA sample dilemma:

All voice actors make a few sample lines and keep on their personal drives as backup.
For posting links on various forums/projects use this site:

Register and make a free account there.  You get 5gb of space. I just made a voice folder there as I mainly use it just for 3d MODEL/mod file hosting.

I hope this helps people! :)


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