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Modding resources standarization


The Dagger:
I've been adding links to p3d for ships who have them and I've noticed that there are two different layouts for the the Modding resources section of retail ships. Notably, some ships present a "History" section like the Ulysses. In this specific case, it may indeed be interesting to see all the people involved in the creation of the upgraded model. However, in most cases the section ends up with lots of question marks (i.e. the Amun). Other ships have a smaller section, only with the most important data (i.e. the Ma'at).
I'm proposing to adopt the second form as a standart. Of course, I'm also volunteering to do all the work involved in such conversion, but I'd like to have the opinion of the rest of the wiki contributors beforehand.

Black Wolf:
I've never liked that section of the paged - who cares who first "proposed" HTLing a certain ship? Any improvement would be welcome. :yes:

However it's done, I would like to see everybody credited besides the final modelers and texture mappers.


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