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The filenames are: data/players/images/Ter0001.pcx to Ter0009.pcx and Vas0001.pcx to Vas0003.pcx (in root_fs2.vp)

Simply amazing, i love the music   ;)

That certainly look promising!

Colonol Dekker:
* Dekker remembers the ICE trailer
I'll watch these when i'm not at work :yes:


--- Quote from: niffiwan on June 22, 2014, 03:21:53 am ---The filenames are: data/players/images/Ter0001.pcx to Ter0009.pcx and Vas0001.pcx to Vas0003.pcx (in root_fs2.vp)

--- End quote ---

Thank you, that worked perfectly. :yes:

Well... I have the multiplayer squadrons ready:

Cornerian Army: Primary Military branch of Corneria, responsible for the construction of and deployment of all defensive, offensive, and exploration missions. Individual Squadrons within the Cornerian Army are assigned a triple digit number. Currently under the command of General Pepper, who is planning on retiring in the coming months and being replaced by General Hare.

Cornerian Defense Force: Essentially one large squadron of Fighter Craft that respond as reinforcements to combat zones. The CDF patrols the entire Lylat System in a series of Cruisers, deploying the best pilots when civilian targets fall under enemy fire. The Cornerian Defense Force has no direct leader, they assume orders from their current planet's government or the General himself.

Katina Guard: A subset of the Cornerian Defense Force assigned exclusively to the planet of Katina. Currently under the command of Bill Grey.

Husky Unit: A subset of the Cornerian Defense Force, assigned with protecting high priority civilian targets and rescue operations.

Bulldog Squad: A subset of the Cornerian Defense Force, assigned with general Defense Operations and first strike counter attacks against repelled enemy forces.

Star Fox (Adventures Era): A Mercenary Squadron founded by James McCloud, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar. During and shortly after the Saurian Crisis it was captained by Fox McCloud and its members included Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Krystal.

Star Fox: After the departure of Krystal Team Starfox reverted to it's old logo and hired Miyu Lynx and Fara Phoenix as new members of the team.

Star Wolf: Rival Mercenary Squadron of Star Fox, willing to accept any mission as long as the pay is good enough. Team Star Wolf has always been captained by Wolf O'Donnell and has seen many members including Leon Powalski, ex Starfox Member Pigma Dengar, Andrew Oikonny, Panther Caroso, and Kate O'Donnell.

Venom Remnants: Military Branch of the Venomian forces created after they were driven from their homeworld by the Anglars. Currently assigned with establishing new bases of operation outside of the Lylat system.

Ruffian Corps: Private military organization once run by Andross, Ruffian Corps served as first strike pilots and infantry before Venom forces would move in to their targets. They are known for developing many experimental craft for Venom, notably the Shogun Mechs and Steath Cruisers.

Venom Prime: Army loyal to andross composed entirely of the reptilian natives of Venom. They served as the main infantry and ground forces of the Venomian military.

Andross Legion: Small and secretive squadron that served Andross personally, undergoing various biological and cybernetic experiments to improve their performance in battle.

Area 6: Military branch of Venom forces charged exclusively with the Defense of Venom airspace. It is believed they have since been disbanded since the Anglars conquered the planet Venom.

Anglar Directorate: Primary military forces of the Anglar Emperor, charged with the invasion of enemy targets.

Emperor's Guard: Captained by Zazan, the Emperor's Guard protects the Anglar Emperor and is sent in to deal with high priority targets.

Krazoa Disciples: Cerinian clergy of the Krazoa, responsible for the construction of Krazoa Temples on nesting planets and indoctrination of local populations into Krazoa worship.

Sharpclaw Vanguard: Once the dominant force of the planet Sauria, the Sharpclaws used their primitive interstellar ships to expand to other locations after they were driven from their homeworld. They currently operate as a pirate organization, selling and smuggling weaponry on Lylat's Black Market.

Star Falcon: Mercenary Squadron established by Falco during his leave of absence from Star Fox. It is unknown if the team is still operational after Falco's readmittance into Star Fox.

Free as a Bird: A gang organization that Falco Lombardi and Katt Monroe once were members of, prior to Falco's joining of Star Fox. Free as a Bird partakes in many illegal activities and serve as assassins for hire.


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