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I spend the last couple of weeks on implementing better mouse control. This means separate binds for mouse buttons and support for mouse button 4, 5 and the mouse wheel. I've also implemented a "Cursor Flight Mode" similar to Sushi's script, but hopefully a bit improved. It's about time I get some feedback from interested players, so here it is.

Edit: I forgot to mention you need to bind a key to "Toggle cursor flight mode" in options to enable the flight mode.

Was this developed against trunk or the antipodes branch? Also, could you post the patch / diff file? :)

This was developed against trunk, including the patch file for mantis issue 0003134 (need to subtract that for a proper patch file). But here you go.

Thanks for the patch.  From a quick skim through I have a few thoughts/comments.

1) given the proposed switch to SDL2.0 and unifying the Windows code to use SDL in the next release, it's probably better to base these changes off the antipodes branch rather than trunk
2) I feel that it would be better to have all the formatting changes in a separate patch, makes it easier to review these changes :)
3) there's some changes in the OpenGL code that (at a glance) don't seem related to mouse control, these would be better off in a separate patch

I agree with all these points, and have been anticipating the SDL switch. Should be fairly easy to base this off of that. I'm looking for some feedback on how the new flight mode is experienced by mouse+keyboard players before all that though.


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