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Capital Ship weapons could be sorted by species,like separating MVas,MBlue and MRed.

I'd think that'd be obvious enough from the color itself though. I'm not a fan of making arbitrary distinctions like that (oh, this was *intended* as a vasudan weapon so it should be classfied as such even though the same effect would work for a terran/shivan/other), or just having sparsely-populated categories in the first place.

Separating by race seems arbitrary since weapons can be used on any ship that allows it, so being set up as a Shivan only weapon in ONE mod means nothing for the others.

Options 1, 2, and/or 3.

Especially more Weapons Glows and effects., if i discharge the GTB Athenas Mk2 and use it like a Heavy Interceptor. no problem. 

if i like to use the weapon effect and sound to make another weapon typing a new table. is also ok.  I Think.

Phantom Hoover:
I strongly suggest that you change the wiki page so it doesn't default to linking to a weapon's individual article. Very few weapons outside of BP have them, and redlinks are ugly and distracting.


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