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Better Voice Recognition test


Figured this could use its own topic.

AVX build
SSE2 build

Example grammar file (adds "Falcata" to the wing list (give it a try in Her Finest Hour) and the ability to say "GTFO" to jump out, but is otherwise the same as the built-in grammar file)

voicerec.cpp changes (diff created ignoring whitespace since indentation was normalized to tabs instead of spaces)

So, quick list of things I did to voicerec.cpp:

* Removed hard-coded wing list; wings now provide the string to be searched for through the VALSTR attribute.
* Switched the voice recognition from "shared" to "in-process"; much more user-friendly this way.
* Fixed recognition of "All Fighters/Wings <order>"; was using pNextSibling instead of pFirstChild, so it wasn't seeing the order, making it behave just like saying "All Fighters/Wings".

Forgot to post, this was working awesome for me yesterday.  Didn't even need to yell, and I don't know which of my three mics it was using (that's right: 3.  The Labtec upright, the boom on the headphones, and the Orbit webcam apparently has a mic).


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