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Automatically switch to high-performance GPUs

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The E:
Okay, so after the last time this came up, I tried looking for ways to do this programmatically again. Turns out, it's actually rather simple, but given weirdness like the beam crash bug, I think it's best to give this a test run here before we get this into trunk.

In order to do this, you'll need to:
a) Download this build
b) Make sure that any rules you have defined in your driver's control panel app for FSO are inactive.
c) Run this build as you would any other
d) Post the fs2_open.log and any issues you encounter here

Could use a troubleshooting flag to disable this, if we have to.

The E:
I don't think we can, because I have no idea when the values this uses are actually read by the drivers. If it's on creation of a graphics context, then that's not an issue; if it is on program start, I have no idea how to make sure that those variables are in the state we (or the user) wants them to be.

(For those interested in how this works: Both AMD and NVidia have defined certain variables that an executable can export, i.e. make readable for outside programs, which tell the drivers to use the high-performance GPU in the system)

No nVidia Control Panel profiles defined (latest Win 10 build reset them?  IDK :shrug: ) so that's set, I played through all of the FS2 retail training missions with the 2014 MVPs, no issues.

--- Code: ---  OpenGL Vendor    : NVIDIA Corporation
  OpenGL Renderer  : GeForce GT 540M/PCIe/SSE2
  OpenGL Version   : 4.5.0 NVIDIA 347.25
--- End code ---

Looks great!  :yes:

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I tried this build with a couple of missions in various mods. I got no trouble whatsoever. But I wasn't aware of my FPS being so low at times (10 - 12) !  :wtf:
I need to see what I get with my usual setup.

test successful.

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